Where to find us

We have now been located at the  Edge Theatre & Arts Centre  for nearly a decade!

We have seen many  changes over the years. It now has a cafe, with a wonderful menu, and it has recently become Licenced,  we are happy for you to bring drinks into the class!

The Class starts promptly at  7:30pm and continues until  9:30pm.
It is a good idea to arrive in plenty of time to prepare for the session, we suggest about 15mins beforehand. However we are aware that public transport can be unreliable, and we have never turned latecomers away (though you best seats will inevitable have gone).

The Edge is located in old Sunday school building in the grounds of the Chorlton Methodist Church – look out for the Edge sign on the front gate.

The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre
Manchester Road
M21 9JG

Centre Manager: Dominic Waters
Telephone: 0161 282 9776

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