Summer’s here

We hope everyone’s had a chance to visit the MMU School of Art Degree Show – it really is worth a look, as there’s so much going on there. The end of year degree show also marks the start of the summer holidays for students everywhere – if you’ve just finished studying then we hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved break! There’s plenty of art things going on this summer, from the Manchester International Festival in July to the Cornerhouse’s Clifford Owens exhibition, running from May to September. There’s no excuse not to get a bit of culture this summer, come rain or shine!

As ever, here’s a selection of sketches from our last class for you to enjoy, and we’re also delighted to announce that our exhibition of your work is back up on display at the Edge Theatre & Arts Centre! Hope to see you next time 🙂

We Are All Explorers – MMU School of Art Degree Show 2013

We had a bit of a nose round the MMU School of Art Degree Show on Friday 14th June. Featuring the work of final year students across a wide range of media including textiles, film, photography, ceramics, graphic design and painting, the show was held at the All Saints Campus on Oxford Road from 15th – 19th June, and gave us a great opportunity to visit the impressive brand new Art School building. And of course we had to stop by the Saluation for the obligatory after-show pint! Here are a few photos from the show and the exhibits, hope you enjoy them.