Manifest Arts Festival

At least some will be aware I am passionate about Visual Art, obviously including drawing !

I also think we have some of the most talented practitioners, here in our corner of the North West, but you would not know it. The Visual Arts here are hugely unrepresented, although we have some excellent public galleries, local living artists are largely absent.

To help address the issue Manifest Arts was created, our aim is simply to ‘Promote North West Artists ‘. We Run a festival every two years opening all the studios in the region, and having multiple exhibitions in their gallery’s and elsewhere. It happens this July, and hope to see you at one of the events !

A Real Treat!

As people who have attended the class for a long long time will know, the number of attendees varies wildly, and on any given week we have absolutely no idea how many people will attend. Even our best guestimates can be way out, sometimes far less and sometimes far more. But there are certain trends, and one is that the number will be greater at the start of the year, dip to a low in middle of summer and pick up again towards the end of the year. So at start of year we can afford, on occasion, to book two models. Last week we had Zoe and Aaron, real life partners, and you could tell by the way they reacted to each other. It was a real treat!

This Wednesday, female and male model, hopefully!

Because the attendance has been so high recently, we have occasionally hosted two models. Which for reasons that are too complicated to explain here, can be far more than twice as difficult to arrange. So it turned out that the models last week (Lauren and Sarah), only met during the session, which was not ideal! But they have both worked with us many times before, and the session went brilliantly.

So as a rare treat we are going to repeat the exercise again. We have arranged a male and female model for this Wednesday, so hopefully that is who will turn up on the night, fingers crossed!

Seasons Change

Now that the clocks have gone back you can really notice the time change and the change of seasons. It still seems of that a few months ago it was still bright when we left the class. Now it is dark when we arrive! Luckily inside The Edge theatre space it is delightfully cosy.

Below are some of the works from last week’s class, look forward to seeing you next week!