Live Music

We continued with our couples theme last week, with Veronica and Ethan making an appearance. Veronica had worked with us before, but it was Ethan’s first time Life Modelling, but you really wouldn’t have known as he was composed throughout.

The Edge has now started having live music on after our session. So you can now not only get drinks at the interval, you can make an entire evening of it by popping down after the class and joining in the fun!

Another Plan !

We were blessed last week with our models Zoe and Aaron (I’ve just noticed their names couldn’t get much further apart in the Alphabet!). They are a couple and were happy to ‘kiss’ for 20min. I’ve never seen that done before, and it must be some kind of record !

We are planning to have two models again this week, as I mentioned it I far more difficult to arrange two models, but it has always worked so far, more due to the models diligence than mine!

As a reminder the ‘Dressing Room’ café now serves alcohol so you can have a relaxing drink before the class, or grab one at the break!

At least it is Planned !

This is the time of year when the class is at its fullest. So the best advice is to arrive early to get a good seat.

However the increase in class numbers means we can afford to have more than one model ! So we intend to book two models for next week class. Though as obviously they have to be good friends, booking two models is far more complicated than booking one!

But at least I can say it is planned!

Last week Sophie was the Life Model. She was excellent the first time she worked with us, and somehow has managed to improve every time since!

We’re Back !

We only closed for a few weeks, but it felt like the whole of summer. It was great to be back at The Edge, who help make it the best drawing environment we can imagine. We also have some great models, Lizzie was this weeks, and was brilliant.
BYW somebody left an umbrella, we left it at The Edge.

Examples of this week’s drawings

Back This Week!

After a two week break we are back this Wednesday evening 4th September!
It was only two weeks but for those of us that draw all the time, it seemed longer.
One of our regular models Kelly, has just completed an astonishing solo walk through rural Spain, completing 823 Km on foot in 34 days! As announced when last she modelled for us she had just completed her MA, and I guess this was her way of celebrating!
Attached is a drawing of Kelly at her last appearance,  by Dan who sometimes runs the class in my absence.

Holiday Week!

This Wednesday was the first holiday week, so hopefully nobody turned up at The Edge, because it is closed until September. We start again on September 4th. It was really strange not running the class, and I quite missed it.

For our last class Katherine was our model, it was her second time working with us, and she was excellent, and inspired some interesting drawing.


Spirit of Manchester !

I was away for a week recently, and during my brief sojourn The Edge won The Spirit of Manchester ‘Community Space Award’. It was against very stiff, and also very worthy competition. Among many other good causes, the Café ‘The Dressing Room’, not only serves excellent coffee, it also trains and mentors people with disabilities in catering.

The Café has acquired an alcohol license, so now you can have a drink safe in the knowledge you are also contributing to social well being (albeit in a very minor way!).


Concentration !

Next week is the last class before the two weeks summer break. So last chance to hone your drawing skill before the holiday!

This year has been another fantastic one for the class. Mainly due to the attendees, who have to be some of the most committed in the country. I have run the class for a number of years now and have never once suggested people be quiet. Yet nobody speaks throughout, the concentration is palpable.

Lots of people describe it as Zen like.

There again perhaps it is our models, Harry was our model last week, we have not seen him for some time, it was a welcome return.


To My Rescue !

Last week the class was rather brilliantly run by Dan, and quite a success it was. Maggi May was our model, and we were pleased to see her, as she is now out of town until next year.

But I wasn’t around to take any pictures of peoples work. I was wondering what to post when one of our regular models Amina, posted the image below on Instagram, and came to my rescue !  She is @lifemodelamina and this was taken at our class a few weeks ago, it seemed appropriate.

Congratulations Kelly!

In case you missed the news, this week’s class is being run by Dan, as I will be in Cambridge. Last week we had a male model scheduled, but unfortunately he hurt himself in the Gym just before the class. Luckily Kelly, one of our regular models was able to stand in at the last minute. The night before she had received her Master’s in Embroidery, congratulations Kelly!