From 5th Feb we run each WEEK!

We have talked for a while about the possibility of changing the classes to a weekly event….
So we are going to bite the bullet and give it a go for a while…
So for now the classes will run each week…

Don’t think you have to change your habits..
If the reason you like the class is because you don’t feel the pressure to attend each week don’t!!!

It is a drop in class…

Visit when you want to….

Everyone of any ability all welcome…

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New Year’s Resolutions?

There must have been a lot of New Year’s resolutions made in South Manchester. “Must draw more!” People kept arriving!! Twice as many as the last event…..
I guess that is the thing about drop-in classes….you don’t have to book….but you have no idea how many will turn up…….

We tried to accommodate everyone…..we don’t want to turn anyone away……

It has helped us reach the decision of running the class on a weekly basis…..

It may help even out the numbers…..people will definitely not be expected to attend each week…

We have asked the Edge if it is possible and will await their reply…….

I think we have pointed out, some of us go to the Parlour on Beech Rd after the class……you are welcome to join us…….

Take care…and any suggestions, let us know!!!

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New Year starts here

The first class of 2014!!

It seems like half the Irish sea, and a significant part of the Atlantic, has fallen in the North West in recent weeks. Even the pubs are half empty, so we were not expecting many to turn up….and right up to the last minute (in fact past the last minute), it looked that way, then suddenly everyone poured in …..

The Edge’s boiler has failed, so there were heaters to keep the model warm, but the rest of us suffered slightly for our art…..

Another series of excellent drawings attached….

Lots of people have suggested running the class on a weekly basis. So if they get the boiler fixed we are considering running the class on a weekly basis, for a trial period, possibly starting mid Feb…

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts…

We are not trying to say that everyone should come weekly, we think one of the reasons the class is so successful is that people do not feel pressurised to attend every session. But it would provide more options.

Anyway it is an idea..

As always if you have any suggestions, let us know…

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Take Care

Happy Friday from Chorlton Alternative Arts x

Hello folks! We’re back next week with another art class – same time, same place. It’s been great to see so many new faces recently, bringing with them a whole new range of styles to grace the gallery. There’s been a load of arts events taking place over the last few weeks to keep us interested, including the Manchester International Festival – did anyone go and see the Do It exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery? If so, what did you think?

This Sunday our friends at Life Drawing Sandbar return for another session from 4.30 – 7pm, hope to see you there! In the meantime, get your Tony Hart cravats on because here’s a selection of your pictures in the gallery…

Wear Sunscreen

Hello folks! Well isn’t this just the hottest summer since our erroneous childhood memories. We hope everyone’s being sensible with the sunscreen.

We’ve also got news of an opportunity for artists! The next PS Mirabel exhibition is on the theme of the artificial, unnatural or synthetic. ARTIFICE opens on 10th August (with a private view in September, date TBC), and its curator Aziza Mills is looking for work in any medium (2 or 3 dimensions, video, performance, sound, etc.) that examines artificiality – whether through its materials/processes, or in its subject matter more broadly.


If you’re interested in showing work, please email by Wednesday 24th July with images, ideas etc. More info on Mirabel studios and PS Mirabel can be found on their website.

And as ever, here’s a selection of your pictures from the last two classes – enjoy!

We Are All Explorers – MMU School of Art Degree Show 2013

We had a bit of a nose round the MMU School of Art Degree Show on Friday 14th June. Featuring the work of final year students across a wide range of media including textiles, film, photography, ceramics, graphic design and painting, the show was held at the All Saints Campus on Oxford Road from 15th – 19th June, and gave us a great opportunity to visit the impressive brand new Art School building. And of course we had to stop by the Saluation for the obligatory after-show pint! Here are a few photos from the show and the exhibits, hope you enjoy them.

From A(ndroids) to B(azaars)

Hello folks! We’ve had an art-packed few weeks, with visits to the excellent Project Android exhibition at 4a Piccadilly Place and the MMU Degree Show among other events. What’s more, if anyone’s at a loose end this weekend, our friends the Chorlton Bazaar are setting up shop at the South West Manchester Cricket Club on Saturday and Sunday (22nd & 23rd June) – expect a whole range of vintage and craft stalls, as well as a selection of food stalls, cocktails, beer and DJs! The Cricket Club is at the end of Ellesmere Road in Chorlton – walk past Oddest then take the second road on the left.

We’re back with another art class next Wednesday 26th June, same time, same place. And as ever, here’s a selection of your pictures from the last two art classes – enjoy!

Night Sessions #3 – Colour and tone

Night Sessions #3 - Manchester Life Drawing

Wed 19th June
6.30 – 9.30pm
22 Redbank, Manchester M4 4HF

Contact to reserve a space.

#22redbank - Manchester Life DrawingNight Sessions is Manchester’s only 3 hour life drawing session run by creative professionals for creative professionals.

Join us for an evening of drawing, painting and socialising at photographer’s studio and whisky lounge #22 Redbank. The third session will focus on colour and skin tone, making use of unusual lighting effects. We’ll set long poses, giving you the chance to do more detailed work if you wish.

This is a great opportunity to experiment with colour too – feel free to bring paint and canvas or any other materials (if using oil paint, please bring odourless solvent).

There are some easels/boards available – let me know if you need these or are bringing your own.

Places are limited and it’s essential that you book in advance –contact to reserve a space.

#22Redbank is a new mixed use venue from the Liquorists and Tone Photographer in the Green Quarter of Manchester. For more information, visit

Summer’s here?

Sunshine, hailstones, thunderclouds, more sunshine… I give up. All journeys outside will now be accompanied by suncream, umbrella, picnic blanket and wellies.

We hope you enjoyed the second (final?) performance of Drawn Together, Drawn Apart, which took place at the Edge on Monday 20th May as part of a Chorlton Arts Festival double bill alongside Visions of Grandeur. Some photos of the event can be found here! The project explores the relationship between two very different but in some ways analogous art forms, and the themes of memory, time and movement. We hope to be able to continue this project in future, so watch this space for details.

In the meantime, hope to see everyone at next Wednesday’s class, and as ever, here is a selection of your pictures from the last session. Hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday weekend! There’s a promising forecast of sunny thunder-hail dust storms, hurrah.