Spirit of Manchester !

I was away for a week recently, and during my brief sojourn The Edge won The Spirit of Manchester ‘Community Space Award’. It was against very stiff, and also very worthy competition. Among many other good causes, the Café ‘The Dressing Room’, not only serves excellent coffee, it also trains and mentors people with disabilities in catering.

The Café has acquired an alcohol license, so now you can have a drink safe in the knowledge you are also contributing to social well being (albeit in a very minor way!).


Concentration !

Next week is the last class before the two weeks summer break. So last chance to hone your drawing skill before the holiday!

This year has been another fantastic one for the class. Mainly due to the attendees, who have to be some of the most committed in the country. I have run the class for a number of years now and have never once suggested people be quiet. Yet nobody speaks throughout, the concentration is palpable.

Lots of people describe it as Zen like.

There again perhaps it is our models, Harry was our model last week, we have not seen him for some time, it was a welcome return.


To My Rescue !

Last week the class was rather brilliantly run by Dan, and quite a success it was. Maggi May was our model, and we were pleased to see her, as she is now out of town until next year.

But I wasn’t around to take any pictures of peoples work. I was wondering what to post when one of our regular models Amina, posted the image below on Instagram, and came to my rescue !  She is @lifemodelamina and this was taken at our class a few weeks ago, it seemed appropriate.

Congratulations Kelly!

In case you missed the news, this week’s class is being run by Dan, as I will be in Cambridge. Last week we had a male model scheduled, but unfortunately he hurt himself in the Gym just before the class. Luckily Kelly, one of our regular models was able to stand in at the last minute. The night before she had received her Master’s in Embroidery, congratulations Kelly!

Cover !

Next week I am away for a few days, and Dan Moloney is running the class. Dan has attended nearly every week for years. He is known as Limnast on Instagram, and if you look at others work during the break, you will be able to spot his work, it is easily recognisable.
The first photo was taken at The Chorlton Tap, some of us go for a drink after the class, and anyone is welcome to join us…
The second is one of  Dan’s  drawing this Wednesday’s of Kelly


Experienced Drawer…

Summer is well and truly here. And with the windows uncovered the light is different and changes as the evening progresses. Lizzie was our model last week, she has the advantage of attending our class as a drawer, and knows what the audience is looking for. She is also a photographer so knows how models pose. So it was another brilliant evening.

Faces are Hard !

When people first start Life Drawing, a common worry is they cannot draw faces. They cannot get the drawing to ‘Look Like’ the model. And my response is ‘don’t draw the face’.
Faces are notoriously difficult, and take a long time to master, and you have an entire body to work on! So when you first begin you can more or less leave them out entirely, and as you improve, start adding features. Just a hint of where the eyes, nose and lips are. The less detail the better.
Veronica was our model last week, it was her first time, and she was excellent !

More Summery !

I’m not sure if it is just me, but drawings in the summer months look different somehow. I think it is partly the lighting. The windows let is a lot of natural light (we are not overlooked!). But it also the light feelings in the class, everybody is simply a bit more summery! Including Amina our model, she managed some wonderful poses, and I think even she felt more relaxed..

Things you don’t know, you don’t know !

The Edge is now fully licensed ! So you can now have a drink, before, after, or even during the class!

We had the return of an old favourite last week. Lauren has been worked with us for many years now. Strangely it is the first time I had seen her wearing glasses, so I mentioned it. Turns out that Hay Fever stops her wearing contacts. The things that you don’t know ! And not only that the things that you don’t know, you don’t know !

The quiet summer months..

One of the really nice things about running this class, is the amount of really nice people you meet. I have attended other classes where the class is more formal, and nobody speaks to each other. And other classes which are the extreme opposite. But our class is just friendly. And I find it quite touching how often people explain to me they won’t be attending the next few weeks, as they are on holiday or whatever. Recently of course a whole host of students have said they will not be returning till September. So we are heading for the quiet summer months, so if you are thinking of starting Life Drawing, now is the ideal time !

Katherine was our model last week, I had drawn her at the Sandbar class on Sunday (Highly recommended!), and she was equally as good.