The quiet summer months..

One of the really nice things about running this class, is the amount of really nice people you meet. I have attended other classes where the class is more formal, and nobody speaks to each other. And other classes which are the extreme opposite. But our class is just friendly. And I find it quite touching how often people explain to me they won’t be attending the next few weeks, as they are on holiday or whatever. Recently of course a whole host of students have said they will not be returning till September. So we are heading for the quiet summer months, so if you are thinking of starting Life Drawing, now is the ideal time !

Katherine was our model last week, I had drawn her at the Sandbar class on Sunday (Highly recommended!), and she was equally as good.

More difficult than it looks !

Well last week saw a sudden change in temperature. For the last few weeks it has been rather warm in the room, and we have even had to use fans. But last week the temperature really dropped and we had to use a heater ! Mind you the model then found the room too warm. It was Ossies first time modelling, it is amazing how much nervous energy you can use just standing still. Experienced models make it look easy, but when you see someone less experienced, it makes you realise how difficult the job actually is.  So although the heater made the model too hot , it  was adopted by one of the attendees who found the room chilly !

How people move..

Last week was a busy week. Lots of it was spent organising a fashion show for AfroJam in Whitworth Park. Several class members appeared, which was nice. I’ll post some photos one day! I take a keen interest in how people move, several members of our class have drawn dancers before in ‘Drawn Together Drawn Apart’ which ran in The Contact Theatre and Z-Arts as well as The Edge.
Sophie was our model last week, and once more she was fantastic.

Outstretched !

Last week Mark, one of our regular models, was on duty with us. He obviously keeps himself very fit, and manages to do poses I would never request a model to do. The previous week we did a session together at The National Football Museum, were Mark kept his arms outstretched for a full ten minutes. It sounds easy until you try it. We are very late posting this week, hopefully see you tonight!


Normal ?

Well after a quiet few weeks, mainly due to football fixtures, the class numbers have improved again, so we can carry on running as normal till August at least! This week Amina was our model, she has worked with us a number of times, and has improved every occurrence!

The nights are also getting lighter so for half the class there is light coming through the windows, as well as our lighting.

Who Knew ?

Shelly was our model last week. She last worked with us last year, but we are always pleased to see her, because as well as being an artist (we are biased, they are some of our favourite people), she is also a performer, and among other things can do Arial Yoga, who knew such a thing existed?

No Excuses !

This week there is NO football match to interfere with getting to class, which is quite a relief!
Also think it worth mentioning that a several of the class go The Dulcimer pub afterwards, anybody is welcome to join us!

It was to be expected !

For once we guessed right! The combination of the Easter Holidays, and the biggest Manchester Derby game in years meant the class had the lowest turnout since the middle of last summer.

It was to be expected!

It did give us a chance to do some slightly different poses. Often we keep lying down poses short as many people have an obstructed view, but this week everybody could move to a good viewpoint. We are so used to seeing people, especially faces, horizontally, that drawing somebody lying down is a real challenge.  Also Kelly out model was not feeling 100% so everybody benefited!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

Word of Warning!

This coming Wednesday Manchester City play Manchester United at Old Trafford at 8PM !

This means the traffic in Chorlton will be awful before the class. So if you have to travel at all give yourself plenty of time.

On the other hand with a number of regular attendees watching the game, and several on holiday, it should not be crowded, so if you have ever thought of attending, now is a good time !

Veronica was our model last week, it was a welcome return, she has not worked with us since she moved away from the area a year or two ago.

Something new?

While traditionally it’s the New Year when people try something new, for me it is this time of year. Spring seems the ideal time to look at things afresh. And perhaps it’s because most of the people I know are involved in the arts, but I think everybody likes a challenge. So next time you attend the class, try something different! If you normally use Pencil, use Charcoal, If you normally produce line drawings, produce draw without using lines! And of course if you have never attended and are thinking of it, this is the ideal time!

Aaron was our model last week, and he was excellent.