Seeing double

Hi everyone! Sorry for the radio silence over the last few weeks – we’ve been busy as little bees organising a special drawing/dance collaboration event, which you may have seen details of elsewhere on the site. More announcements will follow soon including the date of the event, which is due to take place in April. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

We’re back next week for more sketching at the usual time and place; in the meantime here’s a double helping of your pictures to make up for not posting them last time…

First pictures of February

Hello folks, hope to see you all at the next class on Weds 20th Feb – we have a new model lined up to exercise your drawing skills! We’ve also been assured that the heating is being fixed so it won’t be quite so cold anymore.

If anyone has any feedback or requests for poses in the upcoming class, don’t be afraid to drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

As ever, here are your pictures from the last class!

Tomorrow’s class is fully booked

We appear to have been victims of our own success – all the places for tomorrow’s class have been reserved. Thanks to those of you who wrote in to request a place – if you can’t make it for any reason please let us know ASAP so we can reallocate the place. Below is a photo showing where the entrance to the Jellyfish Rooms is – if you can’t find your way tomorrow then you can call me on 07900 436 466.

To everyone else, a big apology – due to a combination of a smaller venue for this class and a growth in attendance we weren’t able to cater to everyone on this occasion. We will look to remedy this for future, but in the meanwhile if you’d like to reserve a spot for our next class on 12th December (also at the Jellyfish Rooms), please do get in touch.

With thanks and apologies,
Chris x

Happy Birthday to us!…

This coming Wednesday is Chorlton Alternative Art Class’s 2nd birthday! We’ve hit the terrible twos and are looking forward to marking the occasion so we hope you can join next Wednesday for sketching and if you’re good boys and girls a celebratory slice of cake!

We’d also like to mention that one of our regulars John Lynch is curating an exhibition The Div/sion of Power at Fletcher Moss Art Gallery (Didbsury Parsonage). The exhibition will open on 16th with a launch event – details can be found on Facebook or on the Institute of Temporary Art website. Hope you can make it!

And last but not least, here are last week’s pictures!

Exorcise your drawing skills…

Hello folks! Hope you’re having a spooktacular Hallowe’en weekend and are getting your fancy dress kicks this evening. You may have noticed that the next art class falls on the very All Hallow’s Eve itself and we hope you’ll join us for a haunted sketch. If anyone has any supernatural-themed song requests for next Wednesday then please do drop us a line and we’ll try to include them. Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who chooses to draw in blood…

Without further ado, here are last week’s pictures for your viewing pleasure.

It’s… your pictures!

Hello folks, hope you’ve had a good week so far! Don’t forget, We Face Forward is on this Saturday in Piccadilly Gardens from 1pm – we’ll be there so drop us a line if you fancy coming along:

Don’t forget, it’s the RWA’s 160th Open Exhibition coming up soon, and the deadline for entries is Wednesday 19th September if you’re thinking of entering. More details can be found here.

So without further ado, let’s get our Tony Hart on and have a look at your pictures in… the gallery! You know Morph got his name because Tony invented him when he was high on morphine. True story.

We Face Forward

Well weren’t we lucky that horrific thunder storm arrived just in time for the “summer” bank holiday weekend! The ceiling fell in at Chris’s work and now the whole office smells of wet dog – nice. All of that notwithstanding, hope you all had a good long weekend and your sketching muscles are suitably rested!

As ever, we deliver last week’s sketches along with a friendly nudge to come along to next Wednesday’s session, 7.30pm on 5th September at the usual venue – any newbies can click here for full details. It’s good to see people building on the previous class and getting stuck in with more colours and materials.

And for anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet, the Cultural Olympiad runs until 16th September, culminating with We Face Forward: A West African Festival at Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday 15th September from 1 – 6pm. We’ve enjoyed the exhibition so far, especially the Thursday Lates at the Manchester Gallery which we very much hope the gallery keeps up after the festival. We’ll be heading down on Saturday 15th, fingers crossed for the weather! Hope to see some of you there, we might arrange a meet-up if enough people want to go – give us a shout in the tea break next week.

Art class news

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming down last Wednesday – we highly recommend you check out the gallery this week as we’ve had some absolutely cracking pictures, everyone was on form last week! It’s great to see people working in a variety of styles and media and some of the regulars stepping out of their comfort zones to experiment with new approaches. We look forward to seeing you all next week. Hopefully the sun will be shining again : )

Last week’s pictures! Next week’s fixture!

Manchester art

Hello folks! Hope you’re all enjoying the Olympics. As ever, we’ve got a selection of last week’s sketches for you to enjoy – thanks to our model for stepping in at short notice to strike some sporting poses. We’ll be back next Wednesday, same time, same place, for more life drawing.

AND you may be excited to know that this week our website received its 10,000th hit! We’ve had visitors from 29 countries, from Iceland to New Zealand, including some surprising ones such as the Dominican Republic. Proof that drawing is indeed universal. Hope to see you next week! x

P.S. For those of you who were considering entering but thought you’d missed it, the deadline for the National Open Art Competition has been extended to 13th August – see here for more details.

Art class news

Hello folks! We’re back next Wednesday 11th July with another life model, same time, same place. As ever, a big thanks to everyone who came along last week for our first male model – a selection of your drawings are displayed below for your viewing pleasure! Hope to see you next Wednesday folks. x