2016 is HERE!

First class of 2016 is almost upon us, and we are really looking forward to it.

It has been the longest break since we started!

Obviously there are no posts to show from last week, so I thought I would show one of the interesting poses by Lauren.

She is a dancer, so flexible, and she produced this pose unbidden (we would never believe somebody would be able to do it for more than a few seconds).

Models as often as not work with us rather than for us, and often choose poses.

This pose could only be short, so lasted 5 mins. THis is my version with all the inaccuracy you would expect from a quick pose.

Hope to see you 7:30 Wednesday!

A time for thinking of old friends…..

Well the last class of the year, has come and gone. It was lovely to see so many people,  several we hadn’t seen for a while, they came to spend the year end class with us.


And still there were  lots we missed (It was also the first night of Star Wars, there are several that would not miss that!).

A time for thinking of old friends…..

Look forward to seeing you all at The Edge next year!!


Examples of this weeks work…..

Last Class Before Christmas!

Well our last class before Christmas! Once more it has arrived before you realise it.

So to clarify;


there is a class this Wednesday ..16th Dec


Then no class for the following two weeks (the 23rd Dec and 30th Dec)


So next Class in the New Year is Wed 6th Jan 2016!


It was an excellent week last week. Lauren was our model…..

Keeping Focus….

Mark was our model for this weeks class, and once more he was really good. I have said it before, will say it now, and hopefully again, we have been blessed with the people we work with. We have regular models, that we know are brilliant, but we also have new people every so often. which is a bit of a risk, but so far has always worked out….It is quite tricky maintain the focus of what we do, and to keep it fresh, so new models can help…
examples of this weeks work…

A Drop In Class

As most people who read this are aware. We are a ‘Drop In’ class. That means you don’t have to book, or attend every week. or make any form of commitment. It also means we can’t predict numbers. A week or two back there were only a handful of people. This week lots of people turned up. Lots of people that had never been before, and you can tell by the variety of styles, and different medium used….examples below…

Why we do this….

Sometimes we are asked why we publish peoples works on Facebook and here on our website. I guess we forget that what is obvious to us may be obscure to others. We think you should be looking at other peoples work, all the time. For inspiration and simply to help you learn or improve. In an ideal world there would be plenty of time in the class to do it, but we don’t really have that much spare time (though we do notice some people always make sure they look at every ones works instead of grabbing coffee), so we do it here instead…..


Still Summer (if you want it to be)

So summer ends on either the 1st or the 23rd of September, depending on which system/authority you prefer. So summer it is!
Though it will be dark when we leave the class regardless of the system you prefer.
Last week Kayla, from Oregon (USA) was the model, and she was great.
So I posting most of the photos I took, as a kind of memento,

See you all at 7:30 this Wednesday….

Ran Through Summer

Our drawing class continued throughout the summer, one of the few classes in the North West to do so. And we are glad we did. Last year the numbers dropped to a few people, but this year there were people every week. It was unexpected, and we even started running short of paper. Have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
It is always brilliant to see our regulars, but everybody likes to see new people. New people means new drawing styles, always a good thing!Ran Through Summer!

Open to Ideas

Petrova had not modelled with us for two years, and she reminded us how much has changed. Hopefully for the better.
We are now upstairs…..there is a new Cafe and electric doors…
However as a class, we are always open to ideas…so if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to send them in!!
Here is a selection of drawings from this weeks session.

New Price Structure

We, with the help of The Edge, have managed to maintain our prices, since inception. However time/inflation and recent improvements to facilities has increased costs by nearly 40 per cent. So our pricing structure is changing, starting 29th July.
Instead of a flat rate of £6

The price will be £7

Students and anybody on limited income £5

(We will never ask for proof or verification)

The above includes model fee, paper, drawing boards and basic materials.

Below are examples of last weeks excellent class, with one of our regular models Natalie..