A few hours before last weeks class we were informed the boiler had failed, and we were to expect it to be cold. But as luck would have it, The Edge managed to fix it a hour before we got there.  At this time of year, in a room the size we use, that isn’t used most of the time, it is never going to be hot, but it was comfortable.  Maria was our model for the evening, and it was her first time since having a baby, so it was really nice to see her.

It’s only a theory….

It doesn’t seem that long ago that it was still light when we were leaving the class, but now of course the clocks have gone back and it has been dark for several hours before we arrive. But so far the weather has been kind, and the evenings quite pleasant, and people do not look bedraggled when they arrive!
It always surprises me that the class attendance is quite high this time of year, but I think it shows that people are determined to do something useful with their time, rather than stay locked at home. It’s only a theory.


There is not much time for socialising during the class. We tend to keep the break quite short to maximize drawing time. But we are quite a social crowd! After the class normally retire to one of the ‘locals’. Currently The Parlour on Beech Road. Anyone in welcome to join us.

The Parlour


Well last week was unusual. For some reason lots more people than usual appeared. So apologies if you were one of the ones that arrived late and didn’t get a good vantage point. It is rare for the class to be so full, though it has happened in New Year before it has never happened in November. It was also the first time modelling session for our male model, but luckily he wasn’t fazed by the crowd!
On principle we don’t turn people away, but we also don’t disturb those already present, so if you are late, you are welcome but you are likely to be at a distance

Half Term?

An energetic and athletic Lauren was our model this week (she was straight from the gym), which made for some really interesting poses at start of class (most people leave the end works to be photographed, so they never made the cut!). It was quite a full class, perhaps something to do with half term? Here are examples of this week’s work.


Cosy Venue

As the nights draw in (it will soon be time for the clocks to go back!), it is really nice to have a cosy venue where we can meet up for a few hours each week. And lots of people must feel the same, because the number of attendees has not dropped yet, last year there was a dip as winter approached. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening!

Have you got Bluetooth?

As people that have attended our class know we play music during the session. I try and play stuff that is interesting but inoffensive (I often fail on both counts!). If anybody has any suggestions of what to play during the session, message me here or by email ( Alternatively if you have a Bluetooth phone (or anything that plays music), we can always connect it to our speaker. You can create your own playlist for the session!
Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

The Stage is set…

Every so often ‘the stage is set for something different’. Almost literally, our Life Drawing class is set in the Theatre and on occasion there is a Theatre Set in place. It is handy to utilise it (without disturbing the set) if we can. It also means the lighting is different. Always good to try something new!

Just one reason…

One of the many reasons I like this class is the range of abilities. We have highly skilled artists that attend each week, and we also have people that are attending for the first time, and have not drawn for years, or in some cases, at all! They will have very different evenings, but hopefully they will both gain something from the class. Mark was our model last week, and be was excellent as usual.

Best laid plans fail at first hurdle!

Last week I promised a vote on which room we should use. The smaller one with better lighting, or the one we normally use, where it is a bit dark. But as these things happen, so many people turned up, that moving into the smaller room was not an option.
So for now, I am going to have to see if there is some way we can improve the current situation. If anybody has any ideas please feel free to pass them on either in person, or any form of message.

Milla was our model last week, and was brilliant.
Below images from last week,