Ran Through Summer

Our drawing class continued throughout the summer, one of the few classes in the North West to do so. And we are glad we did. Last year the numbers dropped to a few people, but this year there were people every week. It was unexpected, and we even started running short of paper. Have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
It is always brilliant to see our regulars, but everybody likes to see new people. New people means new drawing styles, always a good thing!Ran Through Summer!

Look at Everything

It is light all evening now. Unfortunately we do not have enough natural light, but luckily we have lots of artificial lights, so it is no hardship.
Sarah was our model last week, and as usual she was excellent.
I have included lots of examples of people drawing, as well as examples of peoples work.
In my opinion, it is worth looking at everything, including how other people hold their implements…

Summer..Believe it or NOT

Well it is summer and the best time of year to be out and about..
AS always we look forward to seeing you..
Here are some of last weeks works..

Get Set….go!

This week we drew in a rather strange environment. The Edge is actually a theatre and on occasion they have a ‘stage set’ in place. And this was such a week. It can make for an interesting background, though this one was fairly plain. We are looking for the next interesting ‘Set’!
Jessica, one of our regulars, was model for the evening…..she has now moved out of town……so we may not see her as often…:(


It barely felt like an hour

Unbelievably it is almost May. And The Edge has now completed is refurbishment. The cafe is complete and now sells cappuccino’s and latte’s!! There is also a new door, so we will have to update the website. At the moment we have the old Red door people may get lost! Sarah was our model for the evening, and as always produced some fascinating poses, the shame is, it makes the evening fly by. It barely felt like an hour let alone two….see some of the works here….

It Felt Like Summer

It felt like summer in Chorlton. The radiators were still on when we arrived, so it was pretty warm for a while…
In England, once the clocks change it is suddenly light till nearly nine o’clock and you can get summer days in the middle of April.
Ideal evenings to get out with friends and do art.
Lots of people turned up, and had the great good fortune to spend most of the evening listening to Bruce Springsteen…….
It was one of our regulars requests….
See here for examples of tonight’s work…..


April fools day…but not in our class. Here it was the first day of spring (we are artists we make things up). Becca was our model for the evening. As always she was super, and we wish her best of luck in her last year at Uni. We also discovered another recent attendee had been accepted at Manchester School of Arts that day!! Brilliant news to receive at the end of the class.
Here are examples of last weeks work..

What Music?

Last night somebody asked what music we were playing..

It was mainly Ren Harvieu

Salfords very own. She only has one album, but if you like female singers, it is a must. And the Travelling Band, an alt/folk band from Manchester.

They have both played in town recently. But we am very aware of how boring it is listening the same type of music each week so

any recommendations welcome!

Below are some examples of this weeks work…..

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Never To Late

See below for examples of tonight’s work…
Tonight proves, Drawing is something you can take up at any time..
There were lots of new faces this evening…and some had more or less no experience……..and of course it doesn’t matter…….everybody learns something…….
We post everybody’s work (at least those that allow us to!)….not as a vanity project….but because we believe that exposure to different methods of working is important….063 064 065 066 067 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 080 081 082 083 084 085 086

Happy New Year

For those of you that have missed us…we start again on Wednesday 7th Jan…which is not that far away!!
We look forward to seeing you…
If you have never been before and are thinking of attending a class, it is a good idea to arrive early….it takes a while to settle, and we start at 19:30 prompt. Although we do realise some people can’t help but be late (buses, traffic, baby sitters) so don’t be embarrassed if it happens….