Online is Working !

Well moving the Life Drawing class online has worked! It is not the same as drawing a three dimensional figure from life, nothing can be. But some attendees have put a real spin on it for me. They see the positive side of being at home, being able to spread out, having access to all their materials and the like. In fact I was doing the same without really being aware, I am using water colour, which I don’t do in class, because changing water and the rest is too much effort!

It helps if the model has experience of this type of work, and Amelia has, it was fantastic working with her.

The Next Online Class !

We are hosting another Online Life Drawing event this Wednesday evening (22nd). We obviously pay the model Zoom and Paypal administration costs, but are keeping charges as low as possible, at £4 if booked before Tuesday and £5 if booked after. Incidentally the way we operate insisting on registration and payment, means we are much less susceptible to hacking, so safer for the attendees and the model!

The model is Amelia Charlak, she has experience of Online modelling and is wonderful!

Register using the following link

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Zoom webinar.


After the success of our first Online Class this Wednesday, we are planning another this Wednesday the 15th

Registration is essential, using the following link

Once more it requires Zoom and Paypal to attend.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar

To thank our previous attendees for their loyalty the cost for this event is £4, the lowest we can manage after Model and Zoom administration charges. If you cannot make the event it is fully refundable.

Last week attendees will note we are suggesting logging on from 7pm, with the class starting at 7:30

Though I will probably start at 6:30 if you are a belts and braces type person

One of the benefits of the class is the communal atmosphere with people able to talk to each other. To achieve that we have the option of making attendees Panellists. It’s a quirk of the way the Zoom works, you have to leave the meeting and immediately re-join to become a panellist, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to do that after you log in.

As I say at our standard life drawing class, if you have no money one week, just turn up anyway, nobody will ask you for cash. Can’t do that with Zoom, but if you contact me at

And something will be arranged

Always happy to answer any questions

(all times are British Summer times)

Take Care

The wonderful Amina is the model

First Online Class went well !

Well Online Life Drawing is not the same as Life Drawing, but at least it offers the same opportunity to spend a few hours just Drawing!

And as I have stated at least one hundred times, drawing the human figure is not the same as drawing a bowl of fruit.

But I am really, really pleased to announce our first session went down really well! I was expecting lots of technical issues but except for a few glitches we were problem free.

I would like to thank each and every participant, I was warned you had to silence everybody because otherwise everyone talks at the same tins. But NO. When we started a session nearly everyone silenced their own microphone, I didn’t even ask. Even after years of Life Drawing I am still amazed I have never had to request silence, it’s an automatic thing. Last night I had to check several times people were still there it was so quiet. So thanks again. And of course to Diana, who not only did the session but had worked with me beforehand on poses. We are not used to this type of work yet, it takes a lot of preparation.

Some people have sent me images of their work. Any more would be appreciated

We will run the class again next week. Moe details posted shortly !

Online Life Drawing tonight !

(all times are British Summer Time)

Really looking forward to this evenings Online Life Drawing class.
If you have registered you will note the start time is Wednesday 6:30pm


As it is our first time it is to ensure everybody logs on successfully, and we get over any teething problems. Drawing will not start till 7:30.

Once you have successfully joined the class, you can either be an observer (that is you only see the model (or me between poses), which is the default. Or you can become a panellist, so you can chat to other member (of course they can now see you at home!)

To register you need a Paypal account and a Zoom account (It is free to register with zoom)

The cost is £4

if anybody has had problems registering let us know and we will rectify it.

Link below

This Wednesday !

Below is the connection for registering for our first Life Drawing class.
It will cost £4 for this session as it is the first.
If there are any issues, or if you cannot make the evening, it is fully refundable.
(Although it says London it is with our model Amina, here in Manchester!)
You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Apr 8, 2020 06:30 PM London
Topic: Chorlton Online Life Drawing

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
You will have to Register with Zoom and Paypal
Any issues let me know

This is all very exciting !

Online Class !

We are planning to run an online Life Drawing class, on Wednesday 8th April.

We were reluctant at first but after seeing a few sessions now, we feel confident we know that makes a successful online class, and as importantly what makes a bad one !

Let us know if you think it is a good idea.

We will be using Zoom, one of the most popular applications.
It is free for participants, and although technically you don’t have to register it’s easier, and we would recommend that you do, well in advance.

We will be charging using Paypal. So you will also require a Paypal account.

But as you know we make all sorts of exceptions, and if anybody does not have a Paypal account, Email us and we can make alternative arrangements.

In theory you can use Zoom on a phone, but the model will be tiny! The bigger the screen the better.

In the next day or two, we will provide instructions on how to attend.

This is new to all, or at least most, of us. So if you have any questions, email me at


Thanks and Take Care



Cancelled after all

At the moment things are changing quickly, and have to sadly announce this weeks Life Drawing will not take place after all
You will be the first to know when we restart.

Continuing as normal

Our Life drawing classes are continuing a normal, following advice provided by the Government and Public Health England.
Though keep an eye open information changes daily, if the schools close our classes will probably follow suit !
Obviously if you are feeling unwell it would be best if you stayed away, but other than that really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening : )



I seem often to write about how blessed we are with our models, but I can honestly say I cannot recall a session where I have been disappointed with one of our Life Models performance, and am often really surprised when the models suggest a pose I would never, never ever, request them to do, such as Veronica’s hand stand, or the couple that kissed for twenty minutes. Last week we had Diana, who I have had the pleasure of drawing at other Life Drawing classes, and managed to persuade her to work with us. I often request models I really like drawing only to be frustrated during the class, as I don’t get to draw them!