In The Middle!

Well we can now declare we are right in the middle of summer! So expect it to be warm at the Edge, a good time to dig out those strange gadgets you only ever use on holiday…such as hand held fans and the like! And one of the times of year when we can be envious of the model. Hope to see you there.

Lots of Considerations

We never told anybody, but last week was Emma’s first time at modelling, and she did an excellent job!
Staying still is not as easy a many people think. And there are lots of other considerations, ‘Is it an interesting pose?’, ‘Is it different to the last one?’, ‘as well as the physical issues, stress and pressure can build up in a relatively short time. We normally only use experienced models, but are aware that there has to be new models on occasion, and Emma regularly attended the class, so she knew exactly how it worked. Still I think we were both a bit nervous on the evening, but we needn’t have been.

We Don’t Teach

We don’t teach people how to Draw. I truly enjoy giving people advise and tips, but avoid ever saying this is how it should be done. There are very good reasons for this, and this post highlights one of the main ones. Just look at how diverse the styles and methods are. And this is just from last weeks class. It is relatively easy to teach people how to be the same, but difficult to teach how we can all be different. One day we will run a class on how to do basic proportions and measurements, but it wont be for everyone. Not everyone is interested in proportions and measurements.


Mark was our model last week, and he did some very dramatic and athletic poses. There was another large turnout last week, so if you are planning to come this week we would recommend you arrive early, of if you can’t get to The Edge early, try and bring a sketch pad that has some form of backing, occasionally all the drawing boards have been used..

All SET for drawing!

When we turned up there was an interesting surprise. The room had been set up for a play. So there was scenery everywhere. Which some choose to use, but given the duration of our drawings, most choose to ignore. If it is there next week we will make better use of it!
It wouldn’t do to have it every week, but it is always useful to have a change occasionally.
Naomi was our model for the evening.

Always Interesting..

Another interesting evening.
There are several new people at the beginning of year, so it is always interesting.
Crystal was our model and she was excellent as usual.
A wide variety of poses was necessary as there was quite a few in the class, one or two quite whimsical. And of course we had to play some (but not to much) David Bowie….

Year Begins…

The year begins! It seemed like a long break, but everybody seemed happy to be back, and there was a large turnout for the first class of the year. Petrova was our model, and produced a few energetic poses!…..The camera had the wrong setting, so did not do justice to peoples art work, everything is very dark, but they do give an impression…Hope to see you on Wednesday evening..

2016 is HERE!

First class of 2016 is almost upon us, and we are really looking forward to it.

It has been the longest break since we started!

Obviously there are no posts to show from last week, so I thought I would show one of the interesting poses by Lauren.

She is a dancer, so flexible, and she produced this pose unbidden (we would never believe somebody would be able to do it for more than a few seconds).

Models as often as not work with us rather than for us, and often choose poses.

This pose could only be short, so lasted 5 mins. THis is my version with all the inaccuracy you would expect from a quick pose.

Hope to see you 7:30 Wednesday!

A time for thinking of old friends…..

Well the last class of the year, has come and gone. It was lovely to see so many people,  several we hadn’t seen for a while, they came to spend the year end class with us.


And still there were  lots we missed (It was also the first night of Star Wars, there are several that would not miss that!).

A time for thinking of old friends…..

Look forward to seeing you all at The Edge next year!!


Examples of this weeks work…..

Last Class Before Christmas!

Well our last class before Christmas! Once more it has arrived before you realise it.

So to clarify;


there is a class this Wednesday ..16th Dec


Then no class for the following two weeks (the 23rd Dec and 30th Dec)


So next Class in the New Year is Wed 6th Jan 2016!


It was an excellent week last week. Lauren was our model…..