Models and Modelling

As we have to work with a model for two hours, we feel more comfortable if we have actually met them. If you are considering modelling for us, pop in during our class, and speak to us. It gives you a chance to see how we work,  if you would find it comfortable working with us, and if the venue is accessible for you.

It also gives us the chance to meet you, which is important for both of us.

We rarely use models we have not met.

We do not charge Models, or potential Models for attending classes. So if nothing else you get a free class!

Some of our regular Models…
We are not an agent, but we do like to promote people that have worked with us an number of times, and have been excellent..
The following, we would highly recommend.

Hannah Email:
Katherine. Email
Harry.   Email:

Amina, Email:

Sophie. Email:


Laura Email:

Kelly, Email:
Kelly is an artist and also has her own website
Adam Boana
Adam Email:

3 Replies to “Models and Modelling”

  1. Hi Shaun,
    Thanks for showing interest. I’m afraid we only run one class a week and it is mixed.
    We also recommend anybody interested in modelling should attend a class first to see if they would be comfortable.
    I should also warn you there are many potential male models, it is not as easy as many people think start modelling.

    Take Care



  2. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for contacting Chorlton Alternative Arts, ref Life Modelling.

    Although we are sure you would make an excellent model, we’re afraid at the moment we are not in a position to help. We only run once a week and tend to use more female than male models, so there is only a spot about once a month. We already have a roster of male models that we cannot give enough work to. And we have regular applications from male models.

    You are probably aware of this but it is worth mentioning, none of the people that I know that run Life Drawing classes (and I know most), would use somebody they do not know in some way. Either from attending a class, or seeing the model at another class.
    So the main way in, is to attend a class, and offer you services. But there is no guarantee, we have models already scheduled for several weeks and as already mentioned it is one of the few areas where it is an advantage to be female.

    Take Care



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