Theatre Night

Our second night in the theatre upstairs. We are beginning to get used to the lights and space.

If anybody has any idea how we could use it better, then give us a shout.

We decided to go to the LLoyds pub for a change….but next week we are back to The Parlour…if you want to chat to people that mainly talk about art… should join us for an hour…Manchester life drawing Manchester art classes art classes in manchester manchester art classes drawing classes in manchester life drawing in manchester beginners art class in manchester manchester drawing for beginners fun art class manchester art social group manchester chorlton beginners art class art classes for beginners chorlton art classes for beginners chorlton art classes for beginners chorlton chorlton art lessons art lessons in manchester art lessons in manchester manchester drawing lessons life drawing class chorlton life drawing in south manchester south manchester drawing class art class near didsbury drawing classes near didsbury south manchester art group art group near didsbury art lessons near didsbury life drawing in south manchester drawing class chorlton

More pictures and styles….

We put people’s drawings on our website for a number of reasons..
One of the key ones is that it gives everybody an idea of how diverse drawing can be…
Some are drawn fast and free, others detailed and considered…….everybody’s drawings are as unique as their signature…

These are more examples from last week….

How to… use your pencil to measure proportions

As ever, thanks to everyone who made it to last Wednesday’s class! Those who attended were treated to a quick tutorial in how to use a pencil to measure proportions for figure drawing – and we even handed out free pencils for you to keep (no expense spared at Chorlton Alternative Art Class!) Here’s a quick recap of the technique for anyone who wasn’t able to attend:

manchester life drawing exercise

Hold up a pencil in front of the figure and use your thumb to mark off a particular measurement (the standard unit for measurement is the head – from the top of the skull to the bottom of the chin). Keeping your thumb in place, use this as a yardstick for other parts of the body. How many heads tall is your subject? You can also get an objective measurement of the space taken up by foreshortened limbs, which are often a stumbling block for beginner artists.

Key points to remember:

1. Hold your arm out straight and keep your head still so that the distances between your eye, the pencil and the figure do not change as you measure.

2. Close one eye to remove any inconsistencies created by binocular vision.

3. Hold the pencil perfectly upright at all times with the sharp end sticking up for the most accurate measurement. Slanting your pencil will change the measurement and create inaccuracies.

Hope you find these tips useful, and hope to see you at this week’s class! Remember, we now run weekly so you can turn up on any Wednesday to join in. As ever, here is a selection of sketches from the last class for you to enjoy!

Best of Friends

I have noted that I have mentioned the weather more than once in recent times. But this time we really need to note the weather. Three trees blocked my way to The Edge this evening……Three!!…There was a Red Alert all over the North West…

Our first weekly event…and it was different to all the rest..
The turn out was small compared to previous weeks….
No wonder…many could not get here …

And it was the first of our weekly sessions…so many may not have been aware..

BUT it was different…

To celebrate our new opening time…..this week we had two models!!

They are very good friends, as well as being very good friends of CAA.

I have said before ‘There is no such thing as a bad drawing’, and I believe it is true…
drawings by two year olds can be quite stunning…
But there is a difference in technical ability, and the standards tonight were really high…
It could be the Two Model thing…who knows…anyway if you missed tonight you missed out…

We are here again next week!!
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This Week… Next Week…

From Now on The Class is Weekly….

Next Classes

12 Feb
19th Feb
26th Feb

There must be an age old question…well at least may be an age old question…… some country somewhere that asks…..

How many people can you fit in a room?

And the answer would be either very wise or very humorous….

But the answer for me….. for now ……. ..quite a lot……more than quite a lot…

Because this week….again…..people kept arriving….

And everybody arrived soaked…..and the room must have been humid..

As you may see from a picture I took of people’s drawings on the floor….the lens on my camera misted over as soon as I took the lens cap off!!!….

It was really good to see so many people,that had not drawn before, or had not drawn in a long time….

And it may possibly be the friendliest place in Manchester….

NEXT WEEK (note: next week the class is now running weekly!) may be upstairs…there is more room there so if the offer is still open when we arrive…we will be in a different room…

 PS. Some of us go to The Parlour on Beech Road after the class…We are quite friendly…

So feel free to join us………

Here are some of the drawings from this Wednesday…..great to see so many styles….

DSC_0505 DSC_0504 DSC_0506 DSC_0507 DSC_0508 DSC_0514 DSC_0529 DSC_0528 DSC_0527 DSC_0526 DSC_0525 DSC_0524 DSC_0523 DSC_0522 DSC_0521 DSC_0520 DSC_0519 DSC_0518 DSC_0517 DSC_0516 DSC_0515 DSC_0513 DSC_0511 DSC_0510 DSC_0509

Everybody of all Abilities welcome

From 5th Feb we run each WEEK!

We have talked for a while about the possibility of changing the classes to a weekly event….
So we are going to bite the bullet and give it a go for a while…
So for now the classes will run each week…

Don’t think you have to change your habits..
If the reason you like the class is because you don’t feel the pressure to attend each week don’t!!!

It is a drop in class…

Visit when you want to….

Everyone of any ability all welcome…

ld_06 LD_01

New Year’s Resolutions?

There must have been a lot of New Year’s resolutions made in South Manchester. “Must draw more!” People kept arriving!! Twice as many as the last event…..
I guess that is the thing about drop-in classes….you don’t have to book….but you have no idea how many will turn up…….

We tried to accommodate everyone…..we don’t want to turn anyone away……

It has helped us reach the decision of running the class on a weekly basis…..

It may help even out the numbers…..people will definitely not be expected to attend each week…

We have asked the Edge if it is possible and will await their reply…….

I think we have pointed out, some of us go to the Parlour on Beech Rd after the class……you are welcome to join us…….

Take care…and any suggestions, let us know!!!

143 0123 124 125 126 127 128 0129 130 0131 132 133 0134 136 0137 0138 139 140 141 142

New Year starts here

The first class of 2014!!

It seems like half the Irish sea, and a significant part of the Atlantic, has fallen in the North West in recent weeks. Even the pubs are half empty, so we were not expecting many to turn up….and right up to the last minute (in fact past the last minute), it looked that way, then suddenly everyone poured in …..

The Edge’s boiler has failed, so there were heaters to keep the model warm, but the rest of us suffered slightly for our art…..

Another series of excellent drawings attached….

Lots of people have suggested running the class on a weekly basis. So if they get the boiler fixed we are considering running the class on a weekly basis, for a trial period, possibly starting mid Feb…

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts…

We are not trying to say that everyone should come weekly, we think one of the reasons the class is so successful is that people do not feel pressurised to attend every session. But it would provide more options.

Anyway it is an idea..

As always if you have any suggestions, let us know…

265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 276 277 278 279 280 281 264

Take Care

Glasses found and raised….

The final class of the the year was a merry affair, with mince pies and red stuff.

But I also walked off with someones GLASSES!! ……reading glasses I think…and the same as mine….

if they are yours contact me and I can deliver them to you (somehow!) …or will definitely bring them in next time..


Eleanor was our model, highly experienced, having worked in Spain and elsewhere.

One or two new people (hi), which is always nice…..

If you have any feedback….or any comments …or suggestions you would like to make for next year…….

just contact us…..

Take care and enjoy the holiday period…

Another gallery of rather lovely drawings…..

59 077 076 072 073 063 075071 70 069 068 66 065 064 063 061 060

And We Turned UP!!!

A few minutes before the class this week it looked like the change of dates had reduced the class to a small handful, or maybe it was the weather.

Then suddenly loads of people turned up!  So it wasn’t a big mistake after all.

Can We remind everyone..there is no class Wed 11th Dec…


Several people decided they were not going to miss the highlight of the evening and are going to The Parlour on Beech Road anyway…you are welcome..

Adam was our model for the evening…..lots of good works again..

Thanks to everyone..