Back to Normal!

Just after the New Year there is always an influx of new attendees. Mainly, we think, due to New Year’s resolutions, and people just wanting to try something new. Which is exactly as the world is supposed to be. But now it is March, the class has returned to normal numbers, which makes it easier to find a good seat!
Sophie was our model last week, and although most of our models keep still, Sophie never moved an inch!


Well last week was interesting! The good news was we booked two models, Adam and Hope, and they were brilliant. The not so good news was that more people than we were expecting turned up, probably a record number since we started.
So if you arrived late it was difficult to get a good view.
For the size of room we have more space than other Life Drawing classes, so it should be a simple matter of rearranging the room, and getting a few more drawing boards.
So that’s what we will do! Look forward to seeing you next week…




As many of you know we are also one of the organisers of The Manifest Arts Festival. It is one of, if not the main, visual arts festivals in the North West. We had a fantastic meeting with artists and venue reps last night!  It was to disseminate info on the festival, and also to announce the dates.

‘We are excited to announce the dates for this year’s Manifest Arts Festival are 12th to 21st July, save the Date it’s going to be special!’


Announcing the Manifest Arts Festival 2019!

Two Models!

We had planned for some time to have Adam, one of our regular and popular models working with us this week. But due to the number of attendees in recent weeks, we have decided to splash out and have two models on Wednesday. So Adam will be joined by Hope. They have worked together before and have always been exceptional. So looking forward to it!

Marissa was our model last week, and as always the results were brilliant….

New Lighting Installed!

We are really pleased with the new lighting at The Edge. Everybody can now not only see the model, but also see the paper in front of them! It makes for a much improved environment, and drawing experience. And things can only get better as we adjust to the new setup and get everything pointing in the right direction.

You can tell people were impressed, one of the lighting images was taken by Limnast (our own Dan Moloney). We also had our biggest attendance for well over a year, so thank you all for turning up! Our model for the evening was Kelly who was excellent as usual.

Unusual Valentines Event!

We do like to support our friends, especially when they are working in unusual art forms. One of our regular models, is running an fascinating workshop celebrating being female (so aimed at females), previous events have remarkably successful and i have only heard wonderful things about them!

It is a Breast Decorating workshop and there are only a few places left. So although I cannot attend (obvious reasons!)  it looks remarkable…..see link below

Breast Decorating

Tra-La !

Tra-La, we have an announcement. Not long after we started the class the overhead bulbs began to falter. To compensate we used spotlights which was perfect for photography, the model is lit up beautifully, but unfortunately you could not see the paper to draw on! We used ambient lighting, and it suited some areas of the room, but left others with minimum light. Ok, but not ideal.
Now a new lighting system has been installed, scheduled to complete on Monday, and will be fully functioning for this week’s class.

The Edge is a charity and they have worked hard to secure the funding for the new lighting, so a round of applause to them!

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


Bit of a SHOCK!

Well last night was one of the strangest in our history! Given that it had snowed overnight, the forecast was not good and the roads were reportedly chaotic. In addition it was without doubt the coldest night of the year. We were expecting a very sparse audience. In fact we enquired if there was a smaller room available, but there wasn’t. We set up the room for a small audience. Convenient, as the room was slightly disordered due to new lighting being installed.

We were delighted when anybody arrived. And people kept arriving, and arriving! We ended up with the largest class we have had in a long time. Go Figure?! We weren’t really prepared, so apologies if you could not get a good seat.

We were so rushed we didn’t even take photo’ of peoples work. So images of Sarah from a previous class!

Next week we return to better than normal!