Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Tonight, even though it is Boxing Day and few people would want to attend anyway, it seems strange not to be running the class! And of course we will not be running a class next week either. The next class is on the 9th Jan. By then everybody will be itching to get starting again. Last week our model was Maggi May (named after the song!). Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Xmas idea

Len Grant occasionally attends our class, and is an avid sketcher, working a lot with the Urban Sketchers group. He mentioned his new book at a recent class, and I totally forgot to buy it! So I called at the Alexandria Library on Wilmslow Rd, in Rusholme. It is a lovely bookshop that also has art exhibitions, so I call in when passing.

They stocked it! When I went to pay, they asked how I knew about the book. I said I knew Len. They then told me it was a brilliant book, with lots of anecdotes and details of Rusholme’s curry mile, but no sketch of the Alexander Book shop! They are not happy about being let out!

So I can Highly recommend this book, unless your collection consists of drawings of bookshops beginning with the letter ‘A’,  in which case it’s useless.


Len’s Good Book


Last class of the year!

WoW! It is the last class of the year this week. It has been a good year for us, everything has run smoothly. We are always pleased to see the regular drawers, amazingly there are still quite a few that have been coming for the last 5 years or more. But we are also pleased to see new faces, every week there is at least one person we have never seen before, and we can more or less guarantee this week will be the same!


A Good Year!

This week’s class is the penultimate class before the Christmas Holidays. Lots of people have things to do as the holiday’s approach, so for many this will be the final class of the year! It has been another great year, with every class successfully run. Though it was close once, the model didn’t turn up, but we had a wonderful volunteer! Let’s hope next year is as good…..




There are now only two more classes until the Christmas Holidays. This year has gone fast!
Due to increases in room hire and general running costs the price of a class is going to have to increase next year. It will be £8 for the class, with students and restricted income £6.

But I see our class as encouraging artists and art practice, so as I have said several times in the class and repeat in writing, if you are a regular attender and are short on finances turn up anyway. Simply don’t pay, no questions will be asked.

And anybody at any time if you can only afford £5 that’s fine.

Kelly was our model last week, and as always she was great.


Just heard that Chris Bartram, who ran this class a few years ago, and still occasionally attends, has had a baby girl this morning. Congratulations to Laura and baby Bridget! ! Look forward to seeing them soon.

Last week Shelly was our model, and her are some images of her

As mentioned earlier this week, United are playing at home tomorrow, so there will be lots of traffic around Chorlton, Stretford, so give yourself extra time.

Beware Traffic!

This week Wednesday 5th Manchester United are playing at home. This means the traffic in the area can be a bit heavy. So if you are planning to attend the class, give yourself more time than usual. And don’t worry if you are late, it happens every time United are at home! And if you are a United fan, good luck against Arsenal!

Holidays! and present?

The Edge will be closing over the Christmas holidays
So the Last class of the year will be on 19th December
Starting again on Wednesday 9th Jan

In mean time if you are looking for an unusual Christmas present, you could buy someone a drawing class! They get this card which they can redeem anytime next year.
Costs the same as a class (so is also inflation proof!)

Always welcome !

Wow it was cold outside winter is really beginning to hit! And of course I’m a Celebrity has started, so the number of attendees dropped this week! A shame as they missed Lauren, one of the most athletic of our models. She has been one of our models for a number of years now, but she spends the summers in Spain and some of this year in Berlin, so we have missed her for the last six months, but she is always welcome on her return. Attached are images from last weeks session.

Life Drawing since the 1930s

There were quite a few regulars missing last week, as they were attending Manchester’s Animation Festival, which this year was a sell-out affair. Unknown too many outside of animation circles, Life Drawing has a rich tradition. Walt Disney has used Life Drawing since the 1930s, still runs regular classes, and employs a number Life Drawing instructors. But as it turns out some may have heard of their absence, as the class was remarkably full!