Twice as Good ! ?

There are times when we can anticipate a large number of attendees. For example the start of September, it is the beginning of term, and before the dark nights. But there are other times, like last week, when out of the blue, there are lots of people. It may be a one off, it may not be. But this week we have decided to have two models. This should mean even if there are a large number of people you will still get a decent view of one model, while the vast majority can choose either or both!
Amina was our model last week, she has now been working with u for over a year, and was the first model of last New Year!

The Miracle of Life!

I don’t mind repeating myself! I believe it is a real privilege having the opportunity to draw anybody. And it is something I don’t take for granted. But occasionally it is really special, and that happened in our class recently. Rachel was prepared to model when she was eight months pregnant. And though I was a bit apprehensive, luckily Rachel wasn’t and the class was a massive success!
Last Tuesday Rachel gave birth to Rupert James Pearson. And of course we wish the entire family all the best!

Last Tuesday Rachel gave birth to Rupert James Pearson

Cooling down

Last week was the coldest night of the year so far. Which thinking about is quite something, we have managed to get to November without really bothering about heating! But The Edges heating system is beginning to suffer from age, and although they are raising money for a replacement, it is a charity, and these thing take time. So for the near future make sure you wear a jumper for the class, or sit near the model, because we always ensure they are warm enough!

Harry was our model last week, and as I have stated many times we have been really fortunate with our models, they always give 100%

Hallowexit !

Well it was almost Halloween so we had a soft Halloexit as opposed to a hard Hallowexit!

I had booked Gina before I realised it was Halloween  week, and I have never worked with her before, so once more I was a bit worried. And I could not go to far out of anybodies comfort zone. How would she react to black diaphanous garments?

But once more I needn’t have worried, although she was new to our class, it was immediately obvious she had Life Modelled extensively. She could not have been better

So once more it was another really successful class!



Last week we were visited by some anthropology (the study if human behaviour) student’s studying for their MA. They filmed our class, mainly people drawing. Thinking of it reminded me that one of the markers of being human, and therefore of civilisation, is the production of art. And the earliest known forms are mark making/drawing.
It is the ideal time of year for Life Drawing. It is now dark in the evenings, and most people want to do something with their time, and what better way than improving an innate, and most ancient of skills.

Molly was our model last week, it was her first time working with us and she was fantastic.

Incidentally ‘The Edge’ has a brilliant Cafe, that serves alcohol, and has Live Music after the class, so you can make a real night of it!

Needlessly apprehensive !

Rachel approached me about modelling a while ago, and we agreed that this week would be ideal. Rachel is seven and a half months pregnant, so the timing was important. I admit I was a bit apprehensive, but I shouldn’t have been. Rachel was brilliant, the first short poses were particularly impressive (unfortunately all the images are from the second, more sedate half of the class.
We altered the room structure for the comfort of the model, so it meant some attendees had a more restricted view than we would have liked but the room returns to normal next week.


More than slightly special

We are really looking forward to this evening’s session. It will be unusual as the model is pregnant.
So we are expecting to do longer poses, to suit the situation. I feel having the opportunity to draw anyone is a privilege, and no matter how often I do it, slightly special. But it anything being offered the opportunity to draw someone, while pregnant is more so again.

A bit special

Last week was a bit special Two models who are regular, Adam and Kelly, arranged to pose together. We have seen them individually but never together. They also pre-prepared the poses which made it really interesting, as they were happy to put themselves in positions I would never ask a model to do. Some of their poses were incredibly strenuous. It made for a great evening!


Not to be Missed !

It has been a good week in many ways. ‘The Edge’  the venue we use WON the ‘Community Space Award’, a well deserved prize for all their efforts in the community.

Ossie was our model last week and as always she was excellent.

Next week we have a special treat. Adam and Kelly are scheduled to model together. We have seen them individually but never as a pair, it’s a week not to be missed!

Making a Difference

Many regulars will have noticed the change in our Venue over the years, for example the introduction of the Cafe, that genuinely helps people. The Edge has just been nominated in the ‘This is Manchester Awards’ Organisation making a difference in the community!
It is really nice to be located in a venue that is making a difference in the community!