Hope to see you this evening!

It is now well and truly autumn. It is starting to get dark when we arrive at the class, and it only seems like last week (I exaggerate for effect!) when it was light when we left. Sarah was our model, who has returned to Manchester after a long and eventful summer. I am late putting this out, hope to see you this evening!

Start of New Year??

After one of the nicest summers in numerous years, It’s now officially Autumn! Let’s hope it is as good as the last few months. Students see this as the start of the year, and many people find it is time to get over the holidays and time to do something useful. And what could be better than developing one of your skills.!

Who Attends?

When people first attend the class, they often worry they will stand out if they are only starting Life Drawing. Especially if they find themselves beside somebody that is highly experienced. But that worry is completely unfounded. Often there are attendees who have very limited experience, and sometimes people that have never drawn before! We are always prepared to offer advice if required, but it mostly boils down to…Enjoy yourself, and Experiment!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! After our short break, it was good to be back at The Edge. Although it was only a few weeks it seemed longer. It was great to see familiar faces, and also good to see new ones. Maralie was our model for the evening, it was her first time at our class, I have drawn her a number of times before, and was glad to offer others the same opportunity!

Starting Again!

Well it has only been a few weeks, but it seems much longer.
But this Wednesday 5th Sept we are starting again!

The model and the room have been  booked, now it’s just up to you to turn up!


Once again there is no Class this week, though we do start again soon! The 5th September to be exact.
This weekend the Festival of Manchester is happening in Platt Fields Park. I am organising a fashion show, which given my lack of fashion sense, is deeply ironic!



Reminder, there is no class this week, or next week. The next class ls in September.

August is a quiet month at The Edge, as people have holidays, and our final class was no exception. But as always it was excellent, due mainly to Sophie, the model for the evening. Although it was her first Life Drawing class for us, it was easy to tell she is an experienced model.

Examples of last week’s work.



While The Edge is closed we are thinking of running an all day session, possibly on Grosvenor St one day over a weekend. It may present the opportunity for people to paint or use other materials. Will mention it at Wednesday class, and measure the interest…

Last Class till September!

This week is our last class until September. Time to get one last session of drawing in before the Summer/August break!!!!
Last week we were spoiled with two models, which we do on occasion. Liz and Jaz have modeled with us before, and they work really well together. Having two models really changes the dynamic of a drawing, it always looks as though there is a story…..


As the holidays are fast approaching, this week we plan to have Two models. So you can concentrate on one or make it twice as difficult! !