Experienced Drawer…

Summer is well and truly here. And with the windows uncovered the light is different and changes as the evening progresses. Lizzie was our model last week, she has the advantage of attending our class as a drawer, and knows what the audience is looking for. She is also a photographer so knows how models pose. So it was another brilliant evening.

Faces are Hard !

When people first start Life Drawing, a common worry is they cannot draw faces. They cannot get the drawing to ‘Look Like’ the model. And my response is ‘don’t draw the face’.
Faces are notoriously difficult, and take a long time to master, and you have an entire body to work on! So when you first begin you can more or less leave them out entirely, and as you improve, start adding features. Just a hint of where the eyes, nose and lips are. The less detail the better.
Veronica was our model last week, it was her first time, and she was excellent !

More Summery !

I’m not sure if it is just me, but drawings in the summer months look different somehow. I think it is partly the lighting. The windows let is a lot of natural light (we are not overlooked!). But it also the light feelings in the class, everybody is simply a bit more summery! Including Amina our model, she managed some wonderful poses, and I think even she felt more relaxed..

We continue till mid August!

Last week was the first really warm evening of the year. And as happened the last few years the number of attendees really dropped to the lowest number this year.
It wasn’t helped by the fact I had not updated the website with dates, so i looked like the term had stopped last week! We don’t we continue till mid August!
It has its advantages, it means that you can move if you are in a position where you don’t like the angle. It also presented the opportunity to do a longer pose. We normally keep to 20 mins maximum, but with people being able to move around it meant we could do longer poses. And those that wanted to could do two separate drawings from different positions. So everybody gained!

Rob was our model last week, and as usual he was excellent.

Things you don’t know, you don’t know !

The Edge is now fully licensed ! So you can now have a drink, before, after, or even during the class!

We had the return of an old favourite last week. Lauren has been worked with us for many years now. Strangely it is the first time I had seen her wearing glasses, so I mentioned it. Turns out that Hay Fever stops her wearing contacts. The things that you don’t know ! And not only that the things that you don’t know, you don’t know !

We thought it was summer !

Wow you thought summer had arrived and it has disappeared just as quickly! A few weeks ago the room was to warm and this week and last it has been cold enough to have to use the heater for the model. The rest of us can put on a jumper! This week the gas in the portable heater ran out and it took a while to find a replacement, nobody was expecting to use them again until autumn!

Emma was our model last week, it was her first time but you would not have known it, she is a dancer, and it showed in lots of her poses!


The quiet summer months..

One of the really nice things about running this class, is the amount of really nice people you meet. I have attended other classes where the class is more formal, and nobody speaks to each other. And other classes which are the extreme opposite. But our class is just friendly. And I find it quite touching how often people explain to me they won’t be attending the next few weeks, as they are on holiday or whatever. Recently of course a whole host of students have said they will not be returning till September. So we are heading for the quiet summer months, so if you are thinking of starting Life Drawing, now is the ideal time !

Katherine was our model last week, I had drawn her at the Sandbar class on Sunday (Highly recommended!), and she was equally as good.

Manifest Arts Festival

At least some will be aware I am passionate about Visual Art, obviously including drawing !

I also think we have some of the most talented practitioners, here in our corner of the North West, but you would not know it. The Visual Arts here are hugely unrepresented, although we have some excellent public galleries, local living artists are largely absent.

To help address the issue Manifest Arts was created, our aim is simply to ‘Promote North West Artists ‘. We Run a festival every two years opening all the studios in the region, and having multiple exhibitions in their gallery’s and elsewhere. It happens this July, and hope to see you at one of the events !

More difficult than it looks !

Well last week saw a sudden change in temperature. For the last few weeks it has been rather warm in the room, and we have even had to use fans. But last week the temperature really dropped and we had to use a heater ! Mind you the model then found the room too warm. It was Ossies first time modelling, it is amazing how much nervous energy you can use just standing still. Experienced models make it look easy, but when you see someone less experienced, it makes you realise how difficult the job actually is.  So although the heater made the model too hot , it  was adopted by one of the attendees who found the room chilly !

How people move..

Last week was a busy week. Lots of it was spent organising a fashion show for AfroJam in Whitworth Park. Several class members appeared, which was nice. I’ll post some photos one day! I take a keen interest in how people move, several members of our class have drawn dancers before in ‘Drawn Together Drawn Apart’ which ran in The Contact Theatre and Z-Arts as well as The Edge.
Sophie was our model last week, and once more she was fantastic.