Online Modelling

We are discovering Online Life Modelling is different in many ways to modelling in a conventional Life Drawing class.

In the first instance it requires equipment. I decent phone camera or laptop is essential. Preferably both in some combination, so the model can see the pose and framing as the audience see it.
Also a good internet connection is vital, as is a decent lighting.

The advantage especially is times of Lockdown is the model can work from home. And can be based anywhere. We have had models from Manchester (obviously!), Scotland, Isle of Man, and Holland, there is no reason we could not host models from further afield, bearing the time difference in mind.

But a major consideration for the model should be their own personal safety. We do everything we can to protect the model, insisting on registration, and payment in advance, so we have details of all attendees. We also make it clear that taking images is not allowed. We know nearly all attendees, but there are exceptions, and if someone is determined it is possible that an image could be taken. Given current technology there is no way to prevent this.

You should also consider you are effectively inviting people into your home, so do not anything on view you would not want public.

We have had excellent results with Online Modelling. We have learnt that there are poses impossible is a conventional class, such as overheads and close-ups. There is also an audience we could not otherwise reach, for example those with children and no baby sitter. So it is likely we will continue online for some time.

If you would like to be added to our modelling list, get in touch.

We use more Female than Male  models as a rule, and we would require a brief session beforehand to check equipment and potential.

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