Meet John the class leader

John Lynch

Spent a long time, a long… long time, working in the IT industry. Mainly explaining to people how the bits I knew about worked, and how they could get those bits working for them. Met lots of interesting people and worked in lots of interesting places. That was the good bit. But you can only maintain an interest in silicone and plastic for so long…

Always had an interest in art, looking at it, that is. Until one day it occurred to me that I could actually make things, and produce art, if I really wanted to… All I had to do was lose any interest in having money, either now, or ever…

So that is what I do… all the time… either thinking about art, or making art, or talking about making art, or talking about how other people make art. So much of the time I stare at a wall, or talk, or write. But nearly every day I have to physically do something, even if it is only a doodle or a sketch. Some artists don’t seem to consider drawing relevant any more – why use a pencil, when you can use an iPad, but I could not imagine not drawing.

And I am sure that we are all artists, or have the potential…

And there is no such thing as a bad drawing. Some drawings are technically much, much better than others. But I, and many others, look at drawings produced by somebody who is attending their first art class… and we wish for that simplicity… we wish we could draw like that again.

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13 Replies to “Meet John the class leader”

  1. Hi myself and my partner would be interested to join you in one of your classes. He can make it on time, but I would be arriving about 15 mins late as I am coming directly from work. Would that be a problem? We also have no experience in drawing but plenty of enthusiasm. Kind regards, Jose


  2. Hi Jose, that’s no problem! Just ring the bell on arrival at the centre and one of the staff will let you in and direct you to the class, which is currently being held in the big upstairs room. Hope to see you at one of our classes!


  3. Hi, Im currently working at Refugee Action in Manchester. I have 2 clients whom have recently moved to the arera and due to their immigration status they are unable to work so therefore have little money as they are also not entitled to benefits. I’m wondering if you know of any free art classes running similiar to yours as 1 of them is a very keen artist and sculpture. Any information will be very appreciated.
    Thank you 🙂


    1. Only just seen this comment. If I could I would! I had an underwater camera for some time, but it got stolen! And nowadays for obvious reasons you are not allowed to have a camera at swimming pools….so a tank would be ideal. But it is not our building, so we can’t add anything…and we don’t have any money anyway…
      But keep the suggestions coming!


  4. Hi, I have no experience with life drawing but enjoy drawing/ pastels.
    Are you still based in Chorlton and do I need to book?


    1. Hi Ashleigh,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I will tell you what we tell everyone. Life Drawing Classes rarely use anybody they have not met. So the first thing to do would be to attend a class. It gives you a chance to see if you would feel comfortable in the environment, and if you are happy about the way the class is run. There are a number of classes that run in the North West, and I know there are some classes that some models avoid because they feel uncomfortable there.

      If you attend our class, as a potential model you would not be charged. You could ask any questions, and if you still wanted to model, we would endeavour to give you a spot before your birthday!
      We run on a Wednesday evening, and start at 7:30pm sharp. Models are expected to arrive at least 15mins before. We finish at 9:30pm.

      We use models of all types and our only discrimination, is using more female than male models.

      I am happy to answer any queries you may have.

      Take Care


      PS I will send same info via Email, as I don’t fully trust the WordPress reply service


  5. Hi David,
    Thank you for contacting Chorlton Alternative Arts, ref Life Modelling.

    Although we are sure you would make an excellent model, we’re afraid at the moment we are not in a position to help. We only run once a week and tend to use more female than male models, so there is only a spot about once a month for a male model. We already have a roster of male models that we cannot give enough work to. And we have regular applications from male models.

    Unless you happen to be in the right place at the right time, it I far harder to get into Life Modelling than you would imagine.

    You are still welcome to attend a class, and there would be no charge. It would give you an idea of how a class runs and the demands made on a model. As you are probably aware, none of the people that I know that run Life Drawing classes (and I know most), would use somebody they do not know in some way. Either from attending a class, or seeing the model at another class.

    You can chain bikes outside, many attendees do, and The Edge do allow bikes to be placed inside sometime, but there is no guarantee.

    Sorry it is not better news
    Take Care


  6. Hi John,

    I am interested in modelling for a class, I suppose it would be very different as it’s lockdown and everything is done on zoom!

    Look forward to hearing from you,


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