Beware Traffic!

This week Wednesday 5th Manchester United are playing at home. This means the traffic in the area can be a bit heavy. So if you are planning to attend the class, give yourself more time than usual. And don’t worry if you are late, it happens every time United are at home! And if you are a United fan, good luck against Arsenal!

Holidays! and present?

The Edge will be closing over the Christmas holidays
So the Last class of the year will be on 19th December
Starting again on Wednesday 9th Jan

In mean time if you are looking for an unusual Christmas present, you could buy someone a drawing class! They get this card which they can redeem anytime next year.
Costs the same as a class (so is also inflation proof!)

Halloween Theme!

I hope I never get tired of saying how good our models are. Adam was our model last week, and like all our models he was brilliant.

As regulars are aware we are predominantly a Life Drawing class, we differ slightly from traditional drawing classes, in the sense our poses are relatively short, normally no longer than 20 mins.

But we also occasionally have a theme, and this week the class falls on Halloween. So expect a Halloween theme for the light hearted !!

From Last week’s class

The ancient Greeks wrote of the Phoenix, portraying events like these.

The North West is blessed with a few independent Art Studios. They are mostly run by dedicated teams that give up their time effort, and often finance (Where do you think the money to paint walls and the rest comes from?), for the ‘greater good’. They do it because they are artists, and they know how vital the arts are. Rogue Studios an institution for more than twenty years, was forced to move due to redevelopment. They have found a new home for eighty or so artists in Openshaw, and are opening their doors to the public for the first time this Friday. There are open studios as well as a brilliant exhibition ‘Manifesto’ in their new gallery space, Manifest Arts (of which I am one), co-curated.

It will be a great evening, and weekend, and a real celebration.

The ancient Greeks wrote of the Phoenix, portraying events like these.

Curating ‘Manifesto’ for Rogue Arts Studios

Starting Again!

Well it has only been a few weeks, but it seems much longer.
But this Wednesday 5th Sept we are starting again!

The model and the room have been  booked, now it’s just up to you to turn up!


While The Edge is closed we are thinking of running an all day session, possibly on Grosvenor St one day over a weekend. It may present the opportunity for people to paint or use other materials. Will mention it at Wednesday class, and measure the interest…

Emergency Change of Date!

Due to the fact that England may well play the semi final next Wednesday 11th of July. For one week only we are moving our event to the Monday.

So instead of the class being on Wed 11th it will be on Monday 9th…

also tonight’s class is 1st of the month, so if anybody has works that they would like critically reviewing, then bring it along!


One of Colin's works, reviewed earlier this year
One of Colin’s works, reviewed earlier this year