looking IS learning

As can be seen from any examples of work we display each work. There are numerous ways to draw. Numerous different techniques. A wide variety of materials. We don’t attempt to teach people how to draw. There is the real danger that if we did we would teach a technique, a method. The result being that we would teach people how to draw in the same way.

But what we do do each week, is emphasise the need to look.

To look,

To consider,

To measure.

So we may not teach. But most people in our class are learning…..
If nothing else…Looking is Learning.


Mid Winter is Here….

It is now mid winter, and most people lock the doors close the curtains and watch TV. But the young… and the creative are not like that…..Out into the night they go..prepared to spend hours engaged in potentially the most difficult art activity……
Life Drawing can be technically the most difficult art, or you can make your own rules and simply enjoy yourself!

Bonfire Night Eve

With it being Bonfire Night Eve, we thought it would be really quiet,
But as ever we were wrong. It was great to see everybody, including several new people, and we hope you all had a great time.
Laura was our model, and again was really good.
Examples of tonight’s work here..


Why we do this….

Sometimes we are asked why we publish peoples works on Facebook and here on our website. I guess we forget that what is obvious to us may be obscure to others. We think you should be looking at other peoples work, all the time. For inspiration and simply to help you learn or improve. In an ideal world there would be plenty of time in the class to do it, but we don’t really have that much spare time (though we do notice some people always make sure they look at every ones works instead of grabbing coffee), so we do it here instead…..


Perhaps it was the rain

This week was really rather quiet. Perhaps it is the rain, or the sudden change of weather.
No matter, if you are thinking of attending Life Drawing for the first time, or haven’t been for a while, now is a good time to take advantage. It probably won’t be like this for long. Maggie was our model for the evening, and like all the models we have been blessed with, she was excellent.
Rogue have their open weekend, and we can recommend Friday.
Some examples of this evenings work….

A Model Returns

Crystal had not modelled for us for ages, best part of a year, so it was brilliant to see her again.
For us this weekend is one of the highlights of the year. Rogue have their Open Studio.
It comes as a surprise to many people, that a studio with about one hundred contemporary artists exists in the middle of Manchester (ok not quite the city centre, but not far off).
A great opportunity to look around their studios, and chat about the direction they are taking.
Hope to see you all this Wednesday!