Great class with Adam

Despite me calling our wonderful model Adam, Andy for half the night the class ran wonderfully well. Embarrassing as I have known Adam for many years, and he is one of my favourite Male models! We still expect to run the class next week, though the café will not be open, due to obvious restrictions. The class is already close to capacity, so unless you have already booked there is little chance of attending 😦

21st October

The next available ‘Real’ Life Drawing class is on 21st October. From 7:30pm to 9:30pm arrive at least 15mins early.

Then every Wednesday evening until further notice.

In the past attendees just turned up on the night, now because of restrictions, people have to Pre Book. There is a Maximum of 20 attendees. As people have ‘Booked’ but not confirmed we are insisting on payment in advance, operating on a first come first served basis. If you have paid after the maximum has been reached, you are entitled to a full refund, or a priority booking for the following week. If you cannot attend you will be given a full refund if you provide 24hours notice.

The cost for this session is £10, in advance by Paypal, (Friends, not a service). To

Confirmation after Payment

The class is limited to 20 attendees (we used to have more than 50)

The Edge is confident Life Drawing is one of the safest activities in the current climate.

Life Drawing is one of the most civilised activities I know of, in all the years I have run a class, I have never encountered any difficulty, not even had to ask anybody to be quiet!

Obviously there are some changes.

We have to wear face masks.

Bring your own materials if you can.

We can provide paper and other drawing materials, but there is always the risk of cross contamination, from me to you.

We are not to gather in groups.

We need to respect everybody else’s personal space.

The model in particular, should have a minimum of 2 meters at all times.

But you can still talk to other class members, and it will still be as convivial as we can make it.

If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to check if a place is available just get in touch, by Email at

If you cannot make it on the night let me know asap, places are limited. A full refund with 24hours notice.

Take Care

Another successful Life Drawing class

Last night saw another successful Life Drawing class.
As we can’t go for a drink after the class, many take the opportunity to order drinks for the interval. A new service provided by The Edge waiter service at the interval.

You can order knowing you are assisting a charitable cause!

Life Drawing is one of the calmest and contemplative activities there is, in there odd times I think the NHS should provide free sessions for those under stress : )

Images of the evening

Mailing List

We will return to the new normal someday.

In the meantime we are in an interim period. I am predicting we may return to conventional Like Drawing classes sometime, but until things change it cannot be a ‘Drop In’ class. People will have to book in advance. And there will be limited places.

Although nothing will happen in the near future in preparation I am intending to create a Mailing List to announce Conventional Life Drawings classes.

If you would like to be added to the Mailing List you can post your Email Address on this page or Email me your Email address at

This Email list is separate the Online Life which many of you are included in.

At the moment there is no predicted date for Conventional Life Drawing classes to begin.