Online Class !

We are planning to run an online Life Drawing class, on Wednesday 8th April.

We were reluctant at first but after seeing a few sessions now, we feel confident we know that makes a successful online class, and as importantly what makes a bad one !

Let us know if you think it is a good idea.

We will be using Zoom, one of the most popular applications.
It is free for participants, and although technically you don’t have to register it’s easier, and we would recommend that you do, well in advance.

We will be charging using Paypal. So you will also require a Paypal account.

But as you know we make all sorts of exceptions, and if anybody does not have a Paypal account, Email us and we can make alternative arrangements.

In theory you can use Zoom on a phone, but the model will be tiny! The bigger the screen the better.

In the next day or two, we will provide instructions on how to attend.

This is new to all, or at least most, of us. So if you have any questions, email me at


Thanks and Take Care



Cancelled after all

At the moment things are changing quickly, and have to sadly announce this weeks Life Drawing will not take place after all
You will be the first to know when we restart.

Continuing as normal

Our Life drawing classes are continuing a normal, following advice provided by the Government and Public Health England.
Though keep an eye open information changes daily, if the schools close our classes will probably follow suit !
Obviously if you are feeling unwell it would be best if you stayed away, but other than that really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening : )



I seem often to write about how blessed we are with our models, but I can honestly say I cannot recall a session where I have been disappointed with one of our Life Models performance, and am often really surprised when the models suggest a pose I would never, never ever, request them to do, such as Veronica’s hand stand, or the couple that kissed for twenty minutes. Last week we had Diana, who I have had the pleasure of drawing at other Life Drawing classes, and managed to persuade her to work with us. I often request models I really like drawing only to be frustrated during the class, as I don’t get to draw them!

A First !

Well Veronica and Ethan turned out to be even better than expected. Unbelievable Veronica suggested doing a handstand for the first 1min pose. And she managed to be perfectly perpendicular for the entire duration, the stress on the arms being immense. Ethan stood beside her to ensure safety. They did allow me to take a photograph (we rarely do and strictly have to have the models permission) which is prove, but unfortunately social media restrictions means we can’t show it!
It was another great evening, with many different poses, as you can see my the attached


Welcome Back !

This Wednesday we welcome back Veronica and Ethan, a couple who were brilliant the last time they were with us, really looking forward to working with them again !
And remember The Edge now has a licensed, ant they have free live music on afterwards !

Together …

We have worked with Adam for years now, and Katherine has been a popular model for the last year, but they had never worked together. Until Now ! Unless they are already a couple it is really hard to place models together. I know I have said it before, but I will say it again, it is not just twice as hard to partner models, it is several times harder. You can imagine the difficulties of replacing one model at short notice, imagine trying to replace two, prepared to work together!
But Katherine and Adam worked really well, they were a joy to draw!
After last weeks failure to take images, I went a bit overboard!


Just Chatting !

Last week I started talking to someone at the end of class, and when I went to take photos everyone had put their work away! So only a few images, a real shame as it was Samantha’s first time modelling and she was really impressed with the drawings of her, and was hoping I had captured some  Oh well I will book her again in future and not chat at end of class !
The Other model was Hannah, and they worked great together !


Swimmingly !

Well as predicted this week’s Life Drawing class went swimmingly. Not that it was too hard to predict with two highly experienced models on duty. There were lots of really interesting poses, and several of them of technically difficult I would never ask models to do them! Thanks to Adam and Oksana.

Our models from a variety of backgrounds (as do our attendees!) Oksana is among other things a Kinesiology practitioner, and gave a brief overview at the end of class, details can be found on her site
Example from this week’s class