Perfect Winters Evening

Perfect winter evening….
Cold crisp and still,
And inside The Edge it was all a little strange….the theater had a stage set for the play they are putting on this week…OPENING 1914….if the play is as good as the set, it will be really impressive..
unfortunately it was the week my camera decided to play up…which meant there was little point in taking a picture of the set (a real shame),  I could only take rather poor pictures with my phone…….
Lots of people working with colour,  given that the class is only two hours,  it means working at speed, but the results speak for themselves……

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Wednesday 19th

Once again there was a number of new people in the class…
Always interesting!
As regulars are aware it is not a taught class..
We do not analyse work and suggest how it could be better..

But if you are new we are happy to give advice, or look at you work, and comment on it…
BUT…we have to be asked….we assume you want to be left to your own devices unless you indicate otherwise..

We show many people’s work each week, but you have to look at the link below….

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Bonfire Night!

Well it was bonfire night al-right. The traffic was immense. Took me nearly an hour to travel 3 miles.

But lots of people turned up which given the competition, and the traffic was really unexpected..

Perhaps it is obvious to state…but

We couldn’t run without you!

Another incredibly productive night!

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Dr Sketchy Visits….

To celebrate Halloween, We were visited by Dr. Sketchy. One of their models in Steam Punk outfit!!
Different to the average night…..and everybody seemed to enjoy the change.
Some excellent drawings>>>

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15th Oct

Well this was a night for those that like RAIN!!!
It was a lovely day…then you walk out the door on the way to class and you are soaked before  you get to the gate!
But a number of people still made it..
and one or two were new…which was a surprise…
examples of tonight’s work……..

DSC_1354 DSC_1352 DSC_1351 DSC_1350 DSC_1346 DSC_1343 DSC_1342 DSC_1340 DSC_1339 1357 1356

Rather taken aback by how many people turned up this evening……double the previous week….and three times the middle of summer.

So apologies if we were not quite prepared…….hopefully everybody got a reasonable place..

But our model Zoe hopefully made up for it. She was prepared to present a complex series of moves that some in the audience recognized……you had to be there to find out!!

Not the easiest of challenges for experienced drawers, do if you were joining the class for the first time it must have been a real challenge!0443 0444 0451 0456 457 0462 0465 466 467 0468 469 470 471 0472 0473 474 475 476 0477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 487 0438 0440

As I was running the class I didn’t get the opportunity to draw that bit,  so I was really jealous of everyone.

As always if there are any particular poses that you want have a word with us on the night and we will do our best to accommodate…

Seeing people improving…

Another great night at Chorlton AA. We now have a ‘tradition’ of several fast poses follwed by a number of longer ones. We also experimented with foreshortening, which can be difficult, but which Natalie our model for the evening, made easy.
As we try to show each week…every person’s drawings are unique….
and one of the best nicest things about running this class is seeing people improving as the weeks go on…