We Return!

Life Drawing returns this week!
It has only been a few weeks but it seems like ages.
So we start as usual at exactly 7:30PM.

We have no way of knowing how many will attend, but past experience suggests quite a few (perhaps it is the students returning). So recommend arriving early.
Look forward to seeing you.

TWICE the work….

Just to note we have two weeks left before we take a break. So a good idea to get drawings in before the holidays! Last week we were fortunate enough to have one of our most regular models Becca, working with us. This week we have a summer surprise lined up. Let’s just say it will be TWICE the work!

Photo’s from last weeks session…

This is Life!

We were really fortunate last week to have Anya as our model. Anya is noticeably pregnant (about eight months). I have never run a class with somebody pregnant before, but when Anya suggested the idea, I jumped at the chance, though if I am honest I was a bit nervous. I needn’t have been, she was a star. There was one incident, and although I suggested stopping the class, she insisted it was nothing and we continued as normal. And once more I was surprised by the class, nobody was in the least bit phased. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, it is a Life Drawing class, and this is Life!
One interesting snippet, talking afterwards, somebody said….
“I was drawing her bump, and a few minutes later I realised I had it wrong and redrew it, this happened several times, at first I thought is was because it was such an unusual shape, eventually I realised it was the baby moving!”


We have been really fortunate with all our models. Some have worked with us for years, and some make a fleeting appearance before moving on. Today’s image is typical, Lauren is a regular, who is currently abroad, but will hopefully return one day! Every model is different and adds to the experience As we didn’t take photos last week, I am using one of mine!
See you tonight!

Into the Breach…

This coming Wednesday I am busy running an arts festival #manifestarts17. But as many of you know the class is attended by a number of excellent artists and facilitators, who have had occasion to step into the breach before. This week Dan Moloney is running the class. You will all know Dan he is probably the most regular of regulars. He recently exhibited Life Drawing works, a number created in our class, at Stretford Public Hall.


In The Middle!

Well we can now declare we are right in the middle of summer! So expect it to be warm at the Edge, a good time to dig out those strange gadgets you only ever use on holiday…such as hand held fans and the like! And one of the times of year when we can be envious of the model. Hope to see you there.

Lots of Considerations

We never told anybody, but last week was Emma’s first time at modelling, and she did an excellent job!
Staying still is not as easy a many people think. And there are lots of other considerations, ‘Is it an interesting pose?’, ‘Is it different to the last one?’, ‘as well as the physical issues, stress and pressure can build up in a relatively short time. We normally only use experienced models, but are aware that there has to be new models on occasion, and Emma regularly attended the class, so she knew exactly how it worked. Still I think we were both a bit nervous on the evening, but we needn’t have been.


Mark was our model last week, and he did some very dramatic and athletic poses. There was another large turnout last week, so if you are planning to come this week we would recommend you arrive early, of if you can’t get to The Edge early, try and bring a sketch pad that has some form of backing, occasionally all the drawing boards have been used..

All SET for drawing!

When we turned up there was an interesting surprise. The room had been set up for a play. So there was scenery everywhere. Which some choose to use, but given the duration of our drawings, most choose to ignore. If it is there next week we will make better use of it!
It wouldn’t do to have it every week, but it is always useful to have a change occasionally.
Naomi was our model for the evening.