Light late into the evenings make it ideal for drawing, and as people start going on holiday there is also a better chance of getting your ideal spot without having to turn up half an hour early! Last week we had Alisha as a model, and though it was her first professional engagement, you would not know, as she was composed throughout. This week’s event is going to be slightly special!



We have been really fortunate with all our models. Some have worked with us for years, and some make a fleeting appearance before moving on. Today’s image is typical, Lauren is a regular, who is currently abroad, but will hopefully return one day! Every model is different and adds to the experience As we didn’t take photos last week, I am using one of mine!
See you tonight!

Into the Breach…

This coming Wednesday I am busy running an arts festival #manifestarts17. But as many of you know the class is attended by a number of excellent artists and facilitators, who have had occasion to step into the breach before. This week Dan Moloney is running the class. You will all know Dan he is probably the most regular of regulars. He recently exhibited Life Drawing works, a number created in our class, at Stretford Public Hall.


Available Light!

As we are an evening class, most of the year we draw by artificial light. This is good in many ways as the venue has spotlights and we make use of them. But there are about two months when the spotlight is also supplemented by natural light, and it does make a difference to the drawing experience. And we are in the middle of those two months!

In The Middle!

Well we can now declare we are right in the middle of summer! So expect it to be warm at the Edge, a good time to dig out those strange gadgets you only ever use on holiday…such as hand held fans and the like! And one of the times of year when we can be envious of the model. Hope to see you there.