Half Term?

An energetic and athletic Lauren was our model this week (she was straight from the gym), which made for some really interesting poses at start of class (most people leave the end works to be photographed, so they never made the cut!). It was quite a full class, perhaps something to do with half term? Here are examples of this week’s work.


Cosy Venue

As the nights draw in (it will soon be time for the clocks to go back!), it is really nice to have a cosy venue where we can meet up for a few hours each week. And lots of people must feel the same, because the number of attendees has not dropped yet, last year there was a dip as winter approached. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening!

Have you got Bluetooth?

As people that have attended our class know we play music during the session. I try and play stuff that is interesting but inoffensive (I often fail on both counts!). If anybody has any suggestions of what to play during the session, message me here or by email (j.p.lynch@ntlworld.com). Alternatively if you have a Bluetooth phone (or anything that plays music), we can always connect it to our speaker. You can create your own playlist for the session!
Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

The Stage is set…

Every so often ‘the stage is set for something different’. Almost literally, our Life Drawing class is set in the Theatre and on occasion there is a Theatre Set in place. It is handy to utilise it (without disturbing the set) if we can. It also means the lighting is different. Always good to try something new!

Just one reason…

One of the many reasons I like this class is the range of abilities. We have highly skilled artists that attend each week, and we also have people that are attending for the first time, and have not drawn for years, or in some cases, at all! They will have very different evenings, but hopefully they will both gain something from the class. Mark was our model last week, and be was excellent as usual.

Best laid plans fail at first hurdle!

Last week I promised a vote on which room we should use. The smaller one with better lighting, or the one we normally use, where it is a bit dark. But as these things happen, so many people turned up, that moving into the smaller room was not an option.
So for now, I am going to have to see if there is some way we can improve the current situation. If anybody has any ideas please feel free to pass them on either in person, or any form of message.

Milla was our model last week, and was brilliant.
Below images from last week,

We Return!

Life Drawing returns this week!
It has only been a few weeks but it seems like ages.
So we start as usual at exactly 7:30PM.

We have no way of knowing how many will attend, but past experience suggests quite a few (perhaps it is the students returning). So recommend arriving early.
Look forward to seeing you.

TWICE the work….

Just to note we have two weeks left before we take a break. So a good idea to get drawings in before the holidays! Last week we were fortunate enough to have one of our most regular models Becca, working with us. This week we have a summer surprise lined up. Let’s just say it will be TWICE the work!

Photo’s from last weeks session…

This is Life!

We were really fortunate last week to have Anya as our model. Anya is noticeably pregnant (about eight months). I have never run a class with somebody pregnant before, but when Anya suggested the idea, I jumped at the chance, though if I am honest I was a bit nervous. I needn’t have been, she was a star. There was one incident, and although I suggested stopping the class, she insisted it was nothing and we continued as normal. And once more I was surprised by the class, nobody was in the least bit phased. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, it is a Life Drawing class, and this is Life!
One interesting snippet, talking afterwards, somebody said….
“I was drawing her bump, and a few minutes later I realised I had it wrong and redrew it, this happened several times, at first I thought is was because it was such an unusual shape, eventually I realised it was the baby moving!”