Last week was certainly a start to the New Year! There are always new people at the start of the New Year, so we expect a crowd, but it was compounded by the fact there was a Stage Set in the studio. This is normally a good thing, it provides variety for attendees, but it also takes up room. So last week was slightly crowded. And highly unusually, the model wanted all the heating turned off! As we consider the model the most important person in the room, we were obliged to turn heating off. So Charlotte was quite comfortable, and everybody else had to keep their coats on! It will be warmer this week PROMISE!


A night with a difference….. We had a dancer! And not just any old dancer…. Kitty…who is frequently one of our artists, is also a professional belly dancer, and was good enough to go through a routine…first as normal, then in slow motion, repeating small movements..
As far as I am aware this was a unique opportunity, and one not that easy to repeat….
But in typical fashion my SD card malfunctioned, and the one week when we could publish images of our model…the camera didn’t work.So no examples of peoples work either!.
So instead I have attached some of the sketches I made. This was from a ten minute routine, so each sketch took between one to two minutes…

Kitty is part of Manchester own Monster Cirque
And thanks again Kitty for this rare opportunity…..

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