Two Models !

Recently we have had a large attendance. Which is fantastic, but it can mean some attendees can find some of the poses difficult to see. So this week we plan to have two models. Which means if you cannot see one you will be able to see the other !
Attached is a work from HOMEmcr exhibition The Manchester Open 2020


Unusual evening !

It was an unusual evenings Life Drawing at The Edge. As I’m sure most of you realise we have the pleasure of drawing in a living theatre. Which by its nature puts on all sorts of events, including all types of plays. So we drew in the middle of a theatre set. Which made for an interesting spectacle.

Ella was our model for the evening, it was her first time working with us, so it would certainly have been memorable !

Warning !

Last Week we had our biggest attendance in quite some time. This week we have a Theatre Set in place (We are in a theatre after all!). This means there will be less seating than normal. So if you are thinking of attending, I would arrive early. And if you are thinking of attending for the first time I would give this week a miss and attend next week instead, when service will return to normal !

An excellent way to start the new decade !

Well this week’s class was the most surprising ever. Obviously more people had made New Year’s resolutions than we imagined, as we had the biggest attendance we have ever had. It was really nice to see so many new faces, but we were a bit unprepared, so not everybody got an ideal view.
We will be more prepared in future !
But we always recommend arriving early. It guarantees a good seat, and give plenty of time to sort out materials.
Lizzie who also attend the class on a regular basis was our model last week, and it was an excellent way to start the new decade.

We start again on 8th Jan !

Hoping everybody had a wonderful Christmas and you are looking forward to the New Year.
It is a time for reflection, hopefully consideration, and of course resolutions.
We start again in the brand new year 2020 on Wednesday 8th  Jan . Hope to see some of you there !

Veronica and Arron
During Summer

Great end to Year !

For the last few years the class before the Xmas break has been really quiet. Obviously people have to concentrate on other things and there are lot of office events and the like (I should know I missed two!), But this year there were still significant numbers and we were pleased to see even in the last class of the year, there were new people!

Sophie our model was perfect for the evening, and it was a great end to the year 🙂


Last Class of the Year !

Almost unbelievably it is the last class of the year this Wednesday!
As I said last week I am enjoying the classes more than ever.
One of the key reasons is the mix of regular attendees and new people.
And if you are new or newish, one of the min advantages of attending a class is the inspiration you get from others. Always be looking at others work, and noting what you like (or the opposite!)
That is also why I post lots of peoples drawing each week.
Hannah was our model last week, she stepped in with less than an hours warning!

The Christmas class is always a bit special.


More than ever !

Well this year has certainly gone fast for me !
I have been running the class for a number of years now and I honestly thought I would be enjoying running the class less as time progressed. But instead the opposite is true. Perhaps it is because the facilities at The Edge have improved, especially with the new lighting rig which means everybody has good light as well as lighting the model. Regardless,  I enjoy running the class more than ever.

Another good reason is I have worked with some amazing people, as an example last week’s model arrived wearing a long multi-coloured wig, Thanks Katherine !

Match Warning !

This Wednesday Manchester United are playing at home against Tottenham. The Kick off is at 7:30, which is the same time as our class. That means there will be a lot of traffic heading for the ground, and lots of it goes via Chorlton. So give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue. If you are late, we have never turned anybody away, but it will mean you won’t get a good seat!
Last week we had two models, Dan and Julia, we had not worked with them before, but they are a couple and had worked together before, and it showed. Once more we are blessed with our models!


Twice as Good ! ?

There are times when we can anticipate a large number of attendees. For example the start of September, it is the beginning of term, and before the dark nights. But there are other times, like last week, when out of the blue, there are lots of people. It may be a one off, it may not be. But this week we have decided to have two models. This should mean even if there are a large number of people you will still get a decent view of one model, while the vast majority can choose either or both!
Amina was our model last week, she has now been working with u for over a year, and was the first model of last New Year!