Contact us at Info@johnjameslynch.com
Or J.p.lynch@ntlworld.com


Chorlton Alternative Art Class is a drawing group, specialising in life drawing, with occasional theatrical or performance drawing. The group was founded in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength.

Regular Class
We did provide  a drop-in art class for South Manchester and all levels of ability where welcome. But the Pandemic put an end to that.

Now attendees have to Pre Book. We want to make a mix of old and new attendees, so how we allocate places, may vary from week to week.

To be added to our Mailing List contact

People are notified each week by Email, and respond indicating they would like to attend.

Once you are allocated a place, the cost for this session is £10 payed in  advance by Paypal, (Friends, not a service).

Attendees should bring there own materials. Basics are available on request.

During the class all Attendee’s have to wear Facemasks.

We  meet every Wednesday evening from 7.30 – 9.30pm at the Edge Theatre & Arts Centre in the grounds of Chorlton Methodist Church – get directions here.

We always welcome feedback from any attendees

We also run Life Drawing events for fun, for business or BOTH!
Its a fascinating way to spend time with friends and colleagues. Its amazing how much you can learn about yourself, and your peers in a few hours!

Contact us at Info@johnjameslynch.com

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