Life Drawing!

We are running Life Drawing classes every Wednesday evening At The Edge, Chorlton UK,

Next on the 1st of September with Shelly

(On facebook, ChorltonAlternativeArtClass)

If you attend don’t forget to bring your own refreshments!

To book the next session see below.

It you can by PayPal £10 to

(to Friend not a Service)

Mention the date you my wish to attend.

Starts at 7:30 arrive approx 15mins before.

The Edge is confident Life Drawing is one of the safest activities in the current climate.

Obviously there are some changes.

Bring your own materials if you can.
We can provide paper and other drawing materials, but there is always the risk of cross contamination.

We have to wear face masks.

We need to respect everybody else’s personal space.

The model in particular, should have a minimum of 2 meters at all times.

But you can still talk to other class members, and it will still be as convivial as we can make it.

If you cannot attend we need at least 24hours notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch, by Email to

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