Life Drawing Returns

We are having a Trial Life Drawing Class on the 23rd of September (next week).
At our normal venue ‘The Edge’.

The Edge is confident that closely adhering to all government guidelines it has all measures place (Eg Hand Sanitiser’s), to welcome the public.

During a Life Drawing class it is rare for people to speak, let alone shout, so social interaction is kept to a minimum. It is hard to think of a group activity more suitable, for supplying a safe environment at this moment in time.

We are limiting the class to 15 attendees.
(Pre Covid we accommodated over 40)

There is obviously social distancing, and all attendees will be required to wear masks.

There is a strict rule of no group consists of more than six people.

During the class this is not a problem. Even during the break most people talk to only one or you people, but sometimes people do congregate in groups. Can you ensure any grouping is very limited, definitely less than six.

All attendees will be required to supply an Email address, so we can notify attendees, if there is a case of Covid.

The cost for this session is £8.

It is a trial so all feedback on how we can make attendees welcome, and secure, is welcome.

If you would like so attend please Email me at

Places not guaranteed until confirmed.

Take Care


Katherine. Email
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