The 10th Online Life Drawing Live

Liat is our model this week. I know she is an enthusiastic pole dancer and climber, who is suffering because she has no access to a Pole or a mountain!  I have sketched her before and know she likes doing bendy and muscular poses, which are a pleasure to draw.  And I like the way her long curly hair is occasionally incorporated. She is new to our class, and joins us from Edinburgh, I am really looking forward to this!

Register in advance for this select the following link

On occasion the link has to be copied and entered as a URL (on the top line of your Web Browser)

Insisting on registration and payment, provides a level of security for the model and against Zoombombing and other intrusions.

We pay the model, zoom and Paypal charges, but keep the cost as low as feasible, £4.40 before Monday lunchtime and £5 afterwards.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining Online Life Drawing Live.

You can Login anytime from 07:00 PM, and advise doing so before drawing begins 7:30. That way we can sort out any issues without interrupting the class.

The class starts with some very quick poses, to enable the attendees and the audience to acclimatise. The first half is a series of 10 to 15mins poses. There will be a break about half way through, then our longest pose 20mins. The class will finish at 9:30 and some poses will be developed ad-hoc.

All times are UK, adjust to local, eg San Francisco it starts at 11am

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