Life Drawing Live!

On Wednesday May 6th 2020   at 7:00 PM
Chorlton Online Life Drawing 5
To register in advance for this, use the following link

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining.
It will cost £4.40 before Tuesday lunchtime and £5 afterwards.

Moving Online has been a learning curve, for every drawing class in the world.

We are very aware that it is not the same as an actual live class with a physical model, but have been impressed by positive comments, such as people appreciating not having to leave the home, being able to use unusual materials, and how it is easier to experiment

We have decided to extend our Zoom and Paypal contracts for another month, so there will be at least another four classes. But you will note we have increased the fee by 40pence, as we were unaware of some admin costs when we started.   

It is impossible to be organiser and audience, so if you have any thoughts on how we could improve let us know, believe me we will listen!!,
Incidentally the way we operate insisting on registration and payment, means we are much less susceptible to hacking, so safer for the attendees and the model!

You can Login anytime from 07:00 PM, and advice doing so before drawing begins 7:30. That way we can sort out any issues without interrupting the class.
The Model for this class is ‘What if We
Fly’ I have drawn her before she is excellent!

If you enjoy the class please share this post, and don’t forget to tell your friends, it is a good way to meet up!


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