First Online Class went well !

Well Online Life Drawing is not the same as Life Drawing, but at least it offers the same opportunity to spend a few hours just Drawing!

And as I have stated at least one hundred times, drawing the human figure is not the same as drawing a bowl of fruit.

But I am really, really pleased to announce our first session went down really well! I was expecting lots of technical issues but except for a few glitches we were problem free.

I would like to thank each and every participant, I was warned you had to silence everybody because otherwise everyone talks at the same tins. But NO. When we started a session nearly everyone silenced their own microphone, I didn’t even ask. Even after years of Life Drawing I am still amazed I have never had to request silence, it’s an automatic thing. Last night I had to check several times people were still there it was so quiet. So thanks again. And of course to Diana, who not only did the session but had worked with me beforehand on poses. We are not used to this type of work yet, it takes a lot of preparation.

Some people have sent me images of their work. Any more would be appreciated

We will run the class again next week. Moe details posted shortly !

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