Bit of a SHOCK!

Well last night was one of the strangest in our history! Given that it had snowed overnight, the forecast was not good and the roads were reportedly chaotic. In addition it was without doubt the coldest night of the year. We were expecting a very sparse audience. In fact we enquired if there was a smaller room available, but there wasn’t. We set up the room for a small audience. Convenient, as the room was slightly disordered due to new lighting being installed.

We were delighted when anybody arrived. And people kept arriving, and arriving! We ended up with the largest class we have had in a long time. Go Figure?! We weren’t really prepared, so apologies if you could not get a good seat.

We were so rushed we didn’t even take photo’ of peoples work. So images of Sarah from a previous class!

Next week we return to better than normal!


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