Xmas idea

Len Grant occasionally attends our class, and is an avid sketcher, working a lot with the Urban Sketchers group. He mentioned his new book at a recent class, and I totally forgot to buy it! So I called at the Alexandria Library on Wilmslow Rd, in Rusholme. It is a lovely bookshop that also has art exhibitions, so I call in when passing.

They stocked it! When I went to pay, they asked how I knew about the book. I said I knew Len. They then told me it was a brilliant book, with lots of anecdotes and details of Rusholme’s curry mile, but no sketch of the Alexander Book shop! They are not happy about being let out!

So I can Highly recommend this book, unless your collection consists of drawings of bookshops beginning with the letter ‘A’,  in which case it’s useless.


Len’s Good Book


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