Different and the Same

Last week we had to leave pretty sharpish as the building had to close immediately afterwards. So I didn’t get a chance to take a photograph of people’s individual work at the end.
But it does offer the opportunity to point out the simple things we sometimes forget.
So here are two examples of people drawing, that look different, but have similarities.
One is drawn in pencil, note the sharpener, an essential tool for this artist.

The other charcoal and chalk (or pastels), detail is a distraction.

But they are both drawn on none white paper. This offers the possibility of darkening the paper (as you always do with white paper), or lightening it (something you cannot easily do with white paper.

using pencil
using pencil
Charcoal and Chalk
Charcoal and Chalk
Finished pencil drawing
Finished pencil drawing

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