How tall was Napoleon?

One of this weeks poses I thought was really difficult….not to draw, but for the model. For a standing pose, Jessica choose to put most of her weight on one leg, and crossed the other one in front.
From the front there was a straight line from the top of the head, through the torso, and straight down one leg. Actually making the composition fairly simple. She also had her hands held at shoulder height. I though it would be very difficult to hold, but she made it look easy! These are some of the results.
If you look at one of them you can see the artist has moved around the room Sketching from several different angles and superimposing one drawing on top of another, makes for an interesting result.

Another one is drawn using a Tablet…

Another pose shows the model with her feet up, which from the side is reasonably straightforward, but had a lot of foreshortening if you were positioned in front.

Finally, in ‘The Parlour’ (a bar on Beech Rd, everybody welcome to join us), we discussed strange and unusual ‘facts’, one of which was Napoleon’s height. He was five feet nine, pretty tall for the time .


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