Rather taken aback by how many people turned up this evening……double the previous week….and three times the middle of summer.

So apologies if we were not quite prepared…….hopefully everybody got a reasonable place..

But our model Zoe hopefully made up for it. She was prepared to present a complex series of moves that some in the audience recognized……you had to be there to find out!!

Not the easiest of challenges for experienced drawers, do if you were joining the class for the first time it must have been a real challenge!0443 0444 0451 0456 457 0462 0465 466 467 0468 469 470 471 0472 0473 474 475 476 0477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 487 0438 0440

As I was running the class I didn’t get the opportunity to draw that bit,  so I was really jealous of everyone.

As always if there are any particular poses that you want have a word with us on the night and we will do our best to accommodate…

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