Rogue and Mirabel Open days

For those people interested in current contemporary art practice in the North West (a convoluted way of saying, what artists in the North West are doing), there are two events this Friday evening. Both are open studios – Rogue and Mirabel.
If you have not attended one before, artists usually display a few of their works, possibly ones they are creating. They are often there as well, and are more than happy to chat.
It is not a sale, nobody will pressure you to buy anything (though there is usually that option).
Artists from both studios frequently attend CAA, but maybe not this week as they will be preparing their open studios!
It is an excellent way of discovering what is going on, with over 70 studios in Rogue and 20 at Mirabel (I have underestimated as they may not all be open), there is almost certain to be something you will find of interest.
I, and others from the class, will be going to both on the opening evening – Mirabel when it opens, then Rogue. I will almost certainly be returning on the Saturday or Sunday (possibly both).
If you are not used to these events and want a guide, or just to meet up for a drink/chat, I am happy to meet up with anyone.
You can mention it at this Wednesdays class.


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