How to enter your work for Chorlton Arts Festival

chorlton-artsThanks as ever to everyone who came down to our class to sketch our model Jo – a selection of your pictures are posted below. A reminder that we are putting on an exhibition as part of Chorlton Arts Festival and we need YOUR pictures to make it wonderful! Here’s how to enter:

Bring the picture you want to exhibit to any of our classes in April – dates are 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th April. Speak to John, Joe or Chris at the class to enter.

Rules for submission

1. Your submission must be your own work.
2. The submission must be an example of life drawing, either completed in the class or based on sketches made during the class.
3. We must be allowed to exhibit the work for the duration of the festival. Your work will be returned to you once the festival is over.
4. You agree to cover the cost of a plain frame – we can supply the frame, which you will be able to keep after the exhibition. Frames cost around £6 for A4, £14 for A3 – for exact prices, please speak to us at class.
5. The deadline for submissions is 30th April 2014 – work submitted after this time cannot be accepted.

The exhibition will be staged in the Edge Theatre & Arts Centre for the duration of the festival.

For more information, email or

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