New Year’s Resolutions?

There must have been a lot of New Year’s resolutions made in South Manchester. “Must draw more!” People kept arriving!! Twice as many as the last event…..
I guess that is the thing about drop-in classes….you don’t have to book….but you have no idea how many will turn up…….

We tried to accommodate everyone…..we don’t want to turn anyone away……

It has helped us reach the decision of running the class on a weekly basis…..

It may help even out the numbers…..people will definitely not be expected to attend each week…

We have asked the Edge if it is possible and will await their reply…….

I think we have pointed out, some of us go to the Parlour on Beech Rd after the class……you are welcome to join us…….

Take care…and any suggestions, let us know!!!

143 0123 124 125 126 127 128 0129 130 0131 132 133 0134 136 0137 0138 139 140 141 142

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