New Year starts here

The first class of 2014!!

It seems like half the Irish sea, and a significant part of the Atlantic, has fallen in the North West in recent weeks. Even the pubs are half empty, so we were not expecting many to turn up….and right up to the last minute (in fact past the last minute), it looked that way, then suddenly everyone poured in …..

The Edge’s boiler has failed, so there were heaters to keep the model warm, but the rest of us suffered slightly for our art…..

Another series of excellent drawings attached….

Lots of people have suggested running the class on a weekly basis. So if they get the boiler fixed we are considering running the class on a weekly basis, for a trial period, possibly starting mid Feb…

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts…

We are not trying to say that everyone should come weekly, we think one of the reasons the class is so successful is that people do not feel pressurised to attend every session. But it would provide more options.

Anyway it is an idea..

As always if you have any suggestions, let us know…

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Take Care

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