November is upon us – time for a vote!

November is upon us and the first Life Drawing event takes place this Wednesday 13th, and another a fortnight later on Wednesday 27th November. But what happens in December, I hear you ask? (Obviously I don’t actually hear you ask, but I am using artistic license for dramatic effect.)

Well December dates are to be decided by vote by those that turn up on this Wednesday and we will post dates on the site on Thursday (probably). You cannot be more democratic!

On the art front, Manchester Art Gallery has two excellent exhibitions: Jeremy Deller and Grayson Perry.

Piccadilly Place (hard to find, across the footbridge from Piccadilly Station), an unused ground floor office, has been putting on art events for about a year now. An excellent one starts on the evening of Friday 22nd November. Experience Needed is a collaborative exhibition from recent graduates of Manchester School of Art and Salford University. They may not put price tags on anything (they’re artists – the thought of selling work has probably not occurred to them!), but art is always for sale – make an offer and in a year or two you may have the bargain of the century!

Grumpy ( have a sale event starting Friday 15th November on Brazennose street, next to Albert Square.

Here are some photos from last event in October. Lots of quick sketches that week, so the results are rather amazing – nothing took more than 15 mins!


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