Happy Friday from Chorlton Alternative Arts x

Hello folks! We’re back next week with another art class – same time, same place. It’s been great to see so many new faces recently, bringing with them a whole new range of styles to grace the gallery. There’s been a load of arts events taking place over the last few weeks to keep us interested, including the Manchester International Festival – did anyone go and see the Do It exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery? If so, what did you think?

This Sunday our friends at Life Drawing Sandbar return for another session from 4.30 – 7pm, hope to see you there! In the meantime, get your Tony Hart cravats on because here’s a selection of your pictures in the gallery…

3 Replies to “Happy Friday from Chorlton Alternative Arts x”

  1. Having access to different styles is good, it keeps the diva away, gives a bump to complacency and inspires in ways unfathomable.


  2. Hi Chris. I am moving to Manchester at the end of September from London and am very keen to sign up with a life drawing class ASAP. I’d love to join in your Sunday session. Do I just show up or is there somewhere I can sign up to? Thanks so much!


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