Summer’s here?

Sunshine, hailstones, thunderclouds, more sunshine… I give up. All journeys outside will now be accompanied by suncream, umbrella, picnic blanket and wellies.

We hope you enjoyed the second (final?) performance of Drawn Together, Drawn Apart, which took place at the Edge on Monday 20th May as part of a Chorlton Arts Festival double bill alongside Visions of Grandeur. Some photos of the event can be found here! The project explores the relationship between two very different but in some ways analogous art forms, and the themes of memory, time and movement. We hope to be able to continue this project in future, so watch this space for details.

In the meantime, hope to see everyone at next Wednesday’s class, and as ever, here is a selection of your pictures from the last session. Hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday weekend! There’s a promising forecast of sunny thunder-hail dust storms, hurrah.

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