Tomorrow’s class is fully booked

We appear to have been victims of our own success – all the places for tomorrow’s class have been reserved. Thanks to those of you who wrote in to request a place – if you can’t make it for any reason please let us know ASAP so we can reallocate the place. Below is a photo showing where the entrance to the Jellyfish Rooms is – if you can’t find your way tomorrow then you can call me on 07900 436 466.

To everyone else, a big apology – due to a combination of a smaller venue for this class and a growth in attendance we weren’t able to cater to everyone on this occasion. We will look to remedy this for future, but in the meanwhile if you’d like to reserve a spot for our next class on 12th December (also at the Jellyfish Rooms), please do get in touch.

With thanks and apologies,
Chris x

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