Art class at Jellyfish Rooms

We’ve got an important announcement to make this week – the next TWO art classes won’t be taking place at the Edge Arts Centre as the space is being used for Christmas theatre performances. Instead, we hope you’ll join us next Wednesday 28th November at the Jellyfish Rooms, 583 Barlow Moor Road M21 8AE. We’ll also be at the Jellyfish Rooms on 12th December. The Jellyfish Rooms are right by Four Banks, in the next building along from HSBC on Barlow Moor Road. The entrance is set back from the road a little.

Spaces will be limited for these next two sessions so please turn up early on the day as we may need to turn people away if the space gets too full. If you’d like to ensure a place at the class then please do drop us an email at and we’ll reserve you a spot. If the class fills up before the day we’ll post a notice on Facebook at

In the meantime, a big thank you to everyone who came last time for our busiest art class yet! Here are your pictures from that session.

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