Get Involved!

Chorlton Alternative Art ClassThe Chorlton Alternative Arts website is open for contributions! If inspiration strikes and you feel like writing an article or post on any arts-related subject, be it philosophical, technical, topical or personal, then please do get in touch. There’s no prescribed format or word count, and every article featured will be credited to the author, with a link to their website and contact details if you so desire. Speaking of which…

Link building

Imagine your website is a town, and you’re the mayor. If you want visitors, you’ve got to build some roads to the surrounding towns. Well we’re ready to start laying some virtual asphalt if you are! We’re more than happy to feature a link to your website on our links page, and would love it if you felt like returning the favour. That way we have a chance to benefit from traffic from each other’s existing followers, as well as boosting our rankings with those pesky googlebots.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the site, anything you’d like to see included or any other improvements you suggest. There are heaps of ways to get in touch, just see our contacts page. Hope to hear from you! x

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