While The Edge is closed we are thinking of running an all day session, possibly on Grosvenor St one day over a weekend. It may present the opportunity for people to paint or use other materials. Will mention it at Wednesday class, and measure the interest…

Last Class till September!

This week is our last class until September. Time to get one last session of drawing in before the Summer/August break!!!!
Last week we were spoiled with two models, which we do on occasion. Liz and Jaz have modeled with us before, and they work really well together. Having two models really changes the dynamic of a drawing, it always looks as though there is a story…..


As the holidays are fast approaching, this week we plan to have Two models. So you can concentrate on one or make it twice as difficult! !

August Holidays…

Like most theatres The Edge closes in August. Luckily for us it is only for a few weeks towards the end of August. So make a note in your diary we are closed on the  22nd and 29th August. To emphasise the point, the last class of summer will be 15th August. Then we break till 5th September.

So get practising while you can! Last week, Becca was our model, she has worked with us for about four years, it is nice to have familiar faces!


Playlist anyone?

The middle of summer, and it is probably one of the best times for Life Drawing. The evenings are light and so is the mood in the room! I had to rush to get out last week and forgot the sound. So one of the class provided a play list, which made for a refreshing change! A real change, and one I would like to try again. So if anybody has a Bluetooth device and a playlist they would like to hear during the class, we are up for it!

Hope to see you tonight!

Last week due to the World Cup clash, we ran on Monday, instead of Wednesday. I was expecting a really low turnout, but there was well over half the normal class, so it was a lot better than cancelling.
It did make for an interesting class, the room was smaller, there was a Tap Dancing class taking place below, and the Café wasn’t open, but to make up for it Kelly the model was brilliant. She suggested some poses, I would never have asked a model to do (they looked too difficult!). They worked really well, whenever a model is in an unusual position, it is a real challenge.
Hope to see you tonight!

Class this Monday! (not Wednesday!)

England are Through!

We took the risk last week of rescheduling this Wednesdays Life Drawing, on the hope (and it was a HOPE!) that England would win their next two games and end up in the Semi-Final, and THEY DID!
So the class is now tomorrow (Monday 9th)  instead.
Last week Laura was our model, she did really well and the class even applauded!
last weeks work!


Emergency Change of Date!

Due to the fact that England may well play the semi final next Wednesday 11th of July. For one week only we are moving our event to the Monday.

So instead of the class being on Wed 11th it will be on Monday 9th…

also tonight’s class is 1st of the month, so if anybody has works that they would like critically reviewing, then bring it along!


One of Colin's works, reviewed earlier this year
One of Colin’s works, reviewed earlier this year