Class this Monday! (not Wednesday!)

England are Through!

We took the risk last week of rescheduling this Wednesdays Life Drawing, on the hope (and it was a HOPE!) that England would win their next two games and end up in the Semi-Final, and THEY DID!
So the class is now tomorrow (Monday 9th)  instead.
Last week Laura was our model, she did really well and the class even applauded!
last weeks work!


Emergency Change of Date!

Due to the fact that England may well play the semi final next Wednesday 11th of July. For one week only we are moving our event to the Monday.

So instead of the class being on Wed 11th it will be on Monday 9th…

also tonight’s class is 1st of the month, so if anybody has works that they would like critically reviewing, then bring it along!


One of Colin's works, reviewed earlier this year
One of Colin’s works, reviewed earlier this year


The light nights really bring out the best in people, and in some ways it is reflected in the drawings. Although with Life Drawing you would assume it made no difference if it was summer or winter, I can see the difference. The drawings at the moment generally (there are lots of exceptions!) look brighter, and freer. Rob was our model last week, excellent as always…


Well, last week was almost the summer solstice, and it was a reasonably typical evening at The Edge. Slightly cooler than we have expected in recent weeks, we had to turn on the heater for the model (the first time in months!). But the rest of us were just fine. It is really nice being able to draw with the addition of natural light for much of the evening. Sarah was our model, it was her first time at the Edge, and hopefully we will see her again.

Their own stamp

Rakhee was our model last week, and like most of our models she was superb. To me it is endlessly fascinating, how each model puts their own stamp on the class. Even though we have a similar format each week, it is always different. Rakhee has worked with us for a while now, but this was probably her last class, she is soon starting travelling, her first stop Mexico!

360 degrees Mary!

Mary was our model last week, and it was a welcome return, she had not modelled with us for nearly two years. Drawing Mary presents the drawer with a potential issue. She is quite heavily tattooed, and there is a dilemma, do you include the tattoos or not? The answer is personal, some do, and some don’t. You can see from our examples the result. For a change I thought I would take lots of images of the same pose!

Natural Pose!

Maggi-May was our model last week, Maggi-May is one of our regular models, and has worked with us for more than four years. This week she did a particular pose that I really liked. She stood with one foot slightly raised and it looked like she was dipping her toe in the sea. Often poses by their very nature look staged (they are!), but this pose looked completely natural.

Forgot my camera this week, so images are from my phone!

Ideal time to do everything!

This time of year seems like the ideal time to do everything. Gardening, house cleaning, holidaying! The list is endless, and of course Life Drawing. The late evenings mean you arrive and leave while it is light, and the room is perfect. In a few weeks from now it will be too warm! Kelly was our model last week and she surprised us with a few yoga moves towards the end. A hidden talent!
Some great drawings..