Life Drawing since the 1930s

There were quite a few regulars missing last week, as they were attending Manchester’s Animation Festival, which this year was a sell-out affair. Unknown too many outside of animation circles, Life Drawing has a rich tradition. Walt Disney has used Life Drawing since the 1930s, still runs regular classes, and employs a number Life Drawing instructors. But as it turns out some may have heard of their absence, as the class was remarkably full!


Seasons Change

Now that the clocks have gone back you can really notice the time change and the change of seasons. It still seems of that a few months ago it was still bright when we left the class. Now it is dark when we arrive! Luckily inside The Edge theatre space it is delightfully cosy.

Below are some of the works from last week’s class, look forward to seeing you next week!

Back to normal!

Well, last week’s class fell on Halloween so we had to do something special! We choose Hazel as our model, as we know she loves costumes. So she came fully equipped with various headdresses, veils and paraphernalia. To a soundtrack of horror classics (forgot Michael Jacksons Thriller!) It was a great evening!

This week we are back to normal!

Halloween Theme!

I hope I never get tired of saying how good our models are. Adam was our model last week, and like all our models he was brilliant.

As regulars are aware we are predominantly a Life Drawing class, we differ slightly from traditional drawing classes, in the sense our poses are relatively short, normally no longer than 20 mins.

But we also occasionally have a theme, and this week the class falls on Halloween. So expect a Halloween theme for the light hearted !!

From Last week’s class

So it all went swimmingly!

Well last week was slightly more frantic than normal. I was later than usual, which wasn’t a good start, then there were small issues with heating and other minor hiccups. But luckily we had one of our most experienced models, Maggi-May, so it all went swimmingly.!

There were a few newcomers, as there often are. Hope you enjoyed it!

Time of Year?

This has to be the best time of year for deciding to do something new. Certainly we see people turning up for Life Drawing that have either never done it before, or have not drawn since school, many years earlier.  You would expect it to happen in spring, but instead it happens in Autumn!

Who would have thought?

As mentioned in a previous post, for students it is the start of their year. So several students attend at this time. When I first started running Life Drawing, I expected that students would be Art Students, but bizarrely, or at least bizarrely to me, they are from lots of different courses, medical students ae frequent. Who would have thought?

Examples from last week’s class

The ancient Greeks wrote of the Phoenix, portraying events like these.

The North West is blessed with a few independent Art Studios. They are mostly run by dedicated teams that give up their time effort, and often finance (Where do you think the money to paint walls and the rest comes from?), for the ‘greater good’. They do it because they are artists, and they know how vital the arts are. Rogue Studios an institution for more than twenty years, was forced to move due to redevelopment. They have found a new home for eighty or so artists in Openshaw, and are opening their doors to the public for the first time this Friday. There are open studios as well as a brilliant exhibition ‘Manifesto’ in their new gallery space, Manifest Arts (of which I am one), co-curated.

It will be a great evening, and weekend, and a real celebration.

The ancient Greeks wrote of the Phoenix, portraying events like these.

Curating ‘Manifesto’ for Rogue Arts Studios