Not Still Life…

Maria our model last week is relatively new to Life Modelling, and determined to do interesting poses, she had devised herself. She managed some relatively difficult poses with consummate ease. But as she found some poses that are easy to hold for a few minutes, become really difficult as time passes by. For example anything that includes holding your arms in the air. One thing I make clear to our models, is they must never feel uncomfortable. And every class member I have ever spoken to expresses exactly the same opinion. But Maria was resolute and simply took a few breaks throughout a tricky pose. As I state during every class, Life Drawing is different to Still Life drawing, models are human.

If you have never Drawn before

Well we managed a Valentines evening at The Edge, without mentioning Valentines at all! Though there were a few gremlin in the mix, for some reason the playlist included several Christmas songs, I could have sworn had been deleted. You could see the confusion on people faces. Never mind, back to normal this week, we hope. As always there were one or two people who had never been before. Rest assured, if you are new to drawing, you are unlikely to be the only one in the class.

Examples from last week,


Last week the class was half full, and this week there were twice as many people. Sometimes there are obvious reasons why the class numbers change. The first Class of the New Year, is always full, when The Great British Bake-Off Final was on the same night the numbers plummeted! But most of the time we have absolutely no idea why the numbers fluctuate so much. Which for me is a good thing, it means there is variance every week, and variety, is as they say, the spice of life. Max was our model this week, it was his first time at The Edge, and he was excellent.

It was another special evening…

Well it was another special evening at Chorlton Alternative Arts. We had two models working with us, they are good friends, and it showed. It is a real challenge drawing two people in such a short space of time, most (but not all!), find it much more difficult. The big advantage is, there is always a observation standpoint that suits. For some people it was their first time attending, and I hope the challenge was not too much for them!
Some images of the evening below..

Drop In Class….

We are now well and truly back in the swing of things. It is nice to see many of the regulars are continuing to attend this year. As it is a drop in class, some people attend most weeks, some decide to attend every other week, and some just on an ad-hoc basis. It is also great to see new faces, the best thing is watching people improve as the weeks go by. Rakee was our model this week, and once more she was great.

Back to Normal (almost!)..

If there is any such thing as a normal class then we are almost back to one after the Christmas break. It is always strange the first class back after New Year. Lots of people choose that week to try something new, so it is a bit crowded. But this week, there were just about the right amount of people. Enough so there is lots of variety, but not so many that there are people that can’t see. And it was warm!  Rosa was our model for the evening, and she was brilliant as always.


Last week was certainly a start to the New Year! There are always new people at the start of the New Year, so we expect a crowd, but it was compounded by the fact there was a Stage Set in the studio. This is normally a good thing, it provides variety for attendees, but it also takes up room. So last week was slightly crowded. And highly unusually, the model wanted all the heating turned off! As we consider the model the most important person in the room, we were obliged to turn heating off. So Charlotte was quite comfortable, and everybody else had to keep their coats on! It will be warmer this week PROMISE!