Expect Silence!

As artists (and I think of everybody that attends the class as an artist!) I think we appreciate that context is important. The fact that the light nights have begun, and the temperature has increased brings a new vitality to the class, and everybody responds. There seems more energy in the room. It will wear off as we grow accustomed to the new season, but for now it is great to have that feeling.
This coming week will be unusual, our model has asked if we can have the music off, so she can make a sound recording of the ambient noise. It is the type of project we fully support. So this week expect Silence!


On the first class of last month one of our regulars (Colin), displayed his work during the interval, to solicit critical feedback. Thank you to all those that contributed. Attached is Colin’s work, and any further comments are welcome.

We offer this opportunity to anybody who attends on the first class of the month (Wed 2nd May) If you wish feedback on existing work, or indeed you’re drawings of that evening. We will display them for feedback.

See you Wednesday!

Improve Week by Week..

It was another good night at Chorlton Alternative Arts. The model for the evening was Kelly, who had not worked with us before, but we need not have worried, she was professional from start to end, and produced some excellent poses.

There were a number of new faces, and as is often the case, they said it was far more difficult than they imagined.. . In many ways this is true, Life drawing can be one of the most challenging forms of drawing. But for most it is also the most enjoyable, and interesting. And one of the most enjoyable aspects of running the class is seeing people improve week by week.

Thank You

Last week Colin presented his work for critical evaluation. So thank you everybody that provided him with much appreciated feedback. I will provide a separate post about this later in the week. Rosa was our model last week, and she was excellent. She also came up with an idea, which we may try out in the future. It was a great evening and as always it was great to see new faces.
Images from last week…

This Week we are Experimenting!

This week we are experimenting! If you have work that you feel would benefit from Critical Review, we are going to do that during the break at this week’s class. If it is successful we will do the same on the first class of each month.

Now is a Good Time…

For the first time this year it was light when we arrived at the class! When the clocks change it has a dramatic effect. It is a good time of year to think about attending a class. At the start of the year lots of people decide to do something new, and the classes are really full, and it can be a challenge to get a good view. But now the ‘rush’ has settled down and the numbers are usually quite steady until the middle of summer. So if you considering Life Drawing, now is a good time.

images from last weeks class..



One of our regular attendees suggested that some drawers might appreciate a critique of their work. Not necessarily that evenings work, but works they are developing, but are perhaps unsure of. As we have a readymade audience of people interested in art, and self-development, it seemed there is an opportunity to bring both together. So on the first class of the month, (4th April), anybody can bring a work in, and we will display it during the break, and anybody can comment on it.

It is experimental, and it is not mandatory, to display work (obviously) or critique, but those of us that attended Art School, know how invaluable this process can be, so give it some thought!

Works from last week.

New Faces…

It was good to be back in the Theatre at The Edge, though the lighting was unusual. It had been set up for a play, so was unusual, but not unpleasant. It was also good to see a number of new faces. It often happens that unfamiliar people turn up at once, I only hope they enjoyed the session and found it useful. We may even see some of them again! And lots of them were students, always a good sign that the future is in good hands!
images from last week.


For the last two weeks we have been in one of the smaller rooms. The first week, because of the weather, we honestly thought nobody would turn up. It had been snowing most of the day. But we were wrong!
Last week was because a concert recital had been arranged, and the theatre is the only available space for such events. But this week we are back to normal. Last week’s model was Marissa, and as she pointed out to me NOT Melissa, which I called her more than once! Which is really embarrassing, as I have known and drawn Marissa for about a decade!


Life Drawing is complex, and it can be as simple or as difficult as the drawer intends it to be. Many consider it to be the most challenging type of drawing. Certainly if you are attempting to capture an exact likeness of the model, but also imposing your own style, it takes years of practise, unless you are a budding Leonardo!

And a likeness of the model is the normal reason for attending Life Drawing, but it doesn’t have to be. You can just as easily be inspired by the model, and draw accordingly. Last week one of the attendees did exactly that. It may not be an exact likeness of Lauren, but if you were familiar with the model you can easily spot the inspiration. See image below. One of the reasons I enjoy running this class is the pure diversity of the work produced.